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Chobi Kelim carpet

Afghan handwoven Kelim carpet for the decoration of living rooms. For wool Kelim discounts, browse our carpet shop and order online. Thanks to our real stock, fast delivery is guaranteed and of course, if it doesn't match your desired space Carpetdepo will arrange return delivery, free of charge.

The origin of the Afghan Chobi Kelim

The Chobi Kelim carpet is very popular. Mainly because of its cheerful colours. In Afghanistan's Maymanah province, nomads and villagers hand weave it. This type of wool Kelim is denser and more compact than other Kelims. They use a special weaving technique, so they are thinner but also produced faster than traditional hand-knotted Persian rugs. Made from 100% wool. After making, they are washed four times and then left to dry in the sun. Their design is a traditional warm antique pattern, but often modern also occurs. They are very popular, mainly because they are an excellent match for most homes. They add a special elegance to a room. They are used for decorating the home, hanging on walls, as wall rugs and as floor coverings. They can also be used in corridors as runner carpets. They add a unique atmosphere to your home as living room carpet and bedroom carpet.

  • Manufacture: hand-woven 
  • Name: chobi kelim carpet
  • Place of origin: Maymanah province, Afghanistan
  • Material: 100% wool
  • Thickness: about 4-5 mm

Cleaning of the Chobi Kelim

Caring for Afghan Kelim does not require much expertise. You can clean the smaller stains yourself with a slightly damp cloth, but for heavier stains we recommend professional carpet cleaning companies. Cleaning on the lowest setting of the vacuum cleaner is sufficient as it does not hold dust particles. It is an old tradition to hang up the Kelim and hit it to remove the dust. This is a misconception!!! it will only ruin your Kelim or any carpet for that matter.

We hope that the hand woven wool Kelim rugs you buy from us will give you satisfaction and make you happy to use them!

20 € - 1 474 €
Length (cm)
62 - 814
Width (cm)
55 - 404