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Chobi Kelim carpet

Afghan handwoven kelim carpet for the decoration of living rooms. For wool kelim carpet, runner carpet offers, take a look around our carpet shop and order online. The Chobi kelim carpet also known as rag rug is very popular. In Afghanistan, it is hand knotted and woven by nomads and villagers in Maymanah province. This type of kelim carpet is denser and more compact than other rag rugs. They are woven using a special technique, making them thinner but also faster to make than traditional hand made Persian carpets. After making, they are washed four times and sun-dried. Their design is a traditional warm antique pattern, but can often be more modern. They are very popular, mainly because they are an excellent fit for most homes. They are used to decorate the home, both as wall carpets and as floor coverings. They can also be found in halls as runner carpets. They add a unique atmosphere to your home like living room carpet, bedroom carpet.

Manufacture: Hand woven kelim carpet
Name: Chobi kelim carpet, rag rug
Place of origin: Maymanah province, Afghanistan
Material: 100% wool
Thickness: about 4-5 mm

We hope that the hand woven kelim carpets you buy from us will give you satisfaction and make you happy to use them!

22 € - 1 502 €
Length (cm)
62 - 814
Width (cm)
56 - 404