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Kelim Carpets

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Handwoven Kelim and rag rugs at discount prices, from stock. If you want to buy Kelim at an affordable price, check out our range of woven carpets and order online from our Carpet Shop.

The origin and weaving of Kelim

Handwoven Kelim is found in many cultures and is hugely popular worldwide. Kelim carpet can also be referred to as a rag rug. While rag rugs are usually thicker and mostly made by rough weaving or knotting, Kelim is thinner and made by a special weaving technique. Kelim, with its eye-catching designs and motifs, sometimes goes back thousands of years and represents values such as motherhood or good luck. Kelim carpets are typically made from sheep's wool, goatskin or camel hair, and natural plant materials are used for dyeing. It can be used in multiple rooms, either as a living room carpet, runner carpet or kitchen carpet. As it weighs up to 1.4kg/nm, it can easily be hung on walls as a wall carpet. Available in eye-catching colours and patterns, kelim carpets are available in a variety of styles. The most popular Kelim is the Afghan Chobi Kelim, followed by the Indian Kelim. Their popularity is mainly due to their bright, cheerful colours. While Maymana kelim is darker in colour but looks extremely beautiful on a wall or light floor. Check out our range of hundreds of Kelim rugs, available from our warehouse, with extremely fast delivery for you and your family. We wish you a pleasant browse through our Kelim rugs. Once you have found your favourite, feel free to order it, if it doesn't match your room CarpetDepo will arrange the return delivery.

Kelim or Kilim?

Both names refer to the same woven rug, but the spelling and name may vary from country to country. Just as the original name for Ziegler Oriental carpet was Chobi carpet until it was renamed Ziegler carpet. Do not be surprised if carpet shops spell Kelim carpet differently. There is no difference between Kelim and Kilim. 

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