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Kelim Carpets / Rag rugs

Kelim at discount prices in all sizes, from stock. Rag rugs at cheap prices. Choose from our carpet shop if you are looking for a living room or kitchen carpet. Handwoven rag rugs, also known as kelim carpets, are found in many cultures and are popular all over the world. Kelim carpets may also be referred to as rag rugs. Kelim carpets have eye-catching patterns and motifs, sometimes dating back thousands of years, and represent values such as motherhood and good luck. Kelim carpets are typically made from sheep's wool, goatskin or camel hair, and natural materials are used for dyeing. The varied colour scheme of the rag rug / kelim carpet is suitable for any room, whether as a hallway carpet, living room carpet or runner carpet. Take a look at our kelim carpet range, of which we have a huge stock of nearly 600 pieces. You can enjoy your selected carpet within days, thanks to our fast delivery. 

Create a special ambience in your home with rag rugs / kelim carpets and order with discounted delivery! 

9 € - 2 040 €
Length (cm)
62 - 814
Width (cm)
56 - 404