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Iranian carpets

Iranian handmade Persian carpets. Decorate your living room with oriental carpets, order from our carpet shop with fast delivery, all carpets in warehouse. Occupying a prominent place among oriental carpets, Iranian hand made carpets create a magically stunning atmosphere in any interior. Made from pure wool, these precious pieces are characterized by refined knotting and a tasteful, intricate patterning, the result of extremely precise craftsmanship. Nature is the inspiration for many of the wonderful designs; animals and flowers. These motifs can also be seen in architecture. The colours used in Persian carpets are also of great importance. The different colours symbolize wealth, luck, power, loyalty or even loneliness. The colours are created using natural dyes by master craftsmen with outstanding expertise. Wool is a natural textile and one of the most sought-after materials in carpet making. Wool carpets are extremely hard-wearing and perfectly resistant to wear and tear during everyday use. Wool has a natural soil repellent effect and is easy to clean. Furthermore, it is flame-resistant and keeps its characteristic shape, as the carpet pile does not flatten but always regains its original shape. It is clear from the above that Iranian carpets are not just decorative items, but rather works of art similar to paintings.

Take a look at our eye-catching Persian carpets and choose the colour, pattern, shape and size that suits your needs!

267product 136
267product 136
Product status
188 € - 14 172 €
Length (cm)
74 - 494
Width (cm)
55 - 310
Place of origin