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Iranian carpets

Iranian Persian rugs in stock. If you are looking for an original Persian rug with a certificate of origin, then browse our collection of Iranian rugs and order online from our rug webshop. Don't worry if the carpet doesn't match the room you want, CarpetDepo carpet shop offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Iranian Persian carpets for the lovers of tasteful interior design

Iranian handmade Persian carpets. Decorate your living room with oriental carpets, order from our carpet shop with fast delivery, all carpets in warehouse. Occupying a prominent place among oriental carpets, Iranian hand made carpets create a magically stunning atmosphere in any interior. Made from pure wool, these precious pieces are characterized by refined knotting and a tasteful, intricate patterning, the result of extremely precise craftsmanship. Nature is the inspiration for many of the wonderful designs; animals and flowers. These motifs can also be seen in architecture. The colours used in Persian carpets are also of great importance. The different colours symbolize wealth, luck, power, loyalty or even loneliness. The colours are created using natural dyes by master craftsmen with outstanding expertise. Wool is a natural textile and one of the most sought-after materials in carpet making. Wool carpets are extremely hard-wearing and perfectly resistant to wear and tear during everyday use. Wool has a natural soil repellent effect and is easy to clean. Furthermore, it is flame-resistant and keeps its characteristic shape, as the carpet pile does not flatten but always regains its original shape. It is clear from the above that Iranian carpets are not just decorative items, but rather works of art similar to paintings.


The main types of Iranian carpets at CarpetDepo

Mud Persian carpets, which stand out among the famous Iranian carpets, are made in one of the small weaving centres in Khorasan. These Iranian carpets, made near the Afghan border, appear in small quantities on the carpet market. Mud Iranian carpets have a distinctive colour palette of dark tones and rich hues that create a perfect harmony. The multi-pointed medallions that dominate their decoration often fill the entire surface, while the permanent motifs of Herati or Boteh designs can also be seen. These Iranian Persian carpets are made with cotton warp and weft yarns, while the knotting technique is extremely fine and the knot density varies from around 300,000 knots per square metre. The wool yarns are short-cut, glossy and particularly soft to the touch, making Mud Persian rugs some of the finest in Iranian rug making.

Heriz, a small town near Azerbaijan, has become a famous weaving area where the famous Heriz Iranian carpets originate. This town is known for the superior quality of Persian carpets made in its workshops. The Heriz Medallion pattern, which is highly unique, is a defining feature of these Iranian carpets. Heriz Persian carpets are characterised by their fine knotting and are relatively rare. The central medallions are richly decorated and are characteristically rectangular, with arabesques, palmettes and rosettes on the borders. Heriz Iranian carpets are made from cotton warp and weft yarns and may also contain silk contour threads. These Iranian Persian carpets are made using Turkish knotting techniques, using high quality wool where the knot density can exceed 600,000 knots per square metre. Heriz Iranian rugs are among the best in the Persian carpet market and will retain their value for many years.

The typical colours of Abadeh Iranian carpets are brick red and beige, as well as light blue, in line with recent trends. Contrasting and contouring shades include various shades of red and blue. Three main patterns can be distinguished in Abadeh Persian carpets: the first is the stripe pattern typical of older antique pieces. The second is a hexagonal motif decorated with small floral or leaf ornaments, often with an octagonal four-leaf clover in the centre and corners, in light colours, filled with typical Abadeh elements. The third rarely used pattern is the repeated motif of a bouquet of flowers. The borders usually consist of three wide stripes and several thin layers, which create a kind of picture frame effect. The warp yarns are made of finely spun cotton, while the weft yarns are often made of blue-dyed cotton. The knotting is traditionally done using Persian techniques with a density of approximately 160,000 knots/m². The knots are made from thick, glossy wool, which is usually slightly soft to the touch and has a medium to high pile. Abadeh Iranian Persian rugs are excellent for decoration and are generally of a higher quality.

Shiraz Iranian carpets are made in the southern region of Persia, where the heritage of the past and modern business are both present. Rug making is one of the main activities in the region, where Shiraz Persian rugs have been made since the 19th century. Shiraz is the centre not only for these carpets but also for the Afshar Persian carpet trade.

Kerman Iranian carpets with early traditional designs have become particularly popular in the global carpet market. The city of Zarand serves as a major production centre for Kerman Persian carpets. Made using traditional techniques and natural dyes, Kerman Iranian Persian carpets are typically produced in bright shades of red or blue. Kerman rugs feature a variety of Persian and Western floral motifs. Striped, medallion, mirror, garden, animal, hunting and pictorial designs are also found. Cotton warp and weft yarns are typical of Kerman Iranian rugs. The carpets, made mainly by men in urban workshops, are made with dense Persian knotting, which can reach 620,000 knots per square metre. The quality of the wool is high and soft to withstand intensive use.

The colour palette of Isfahan Iranian carpets is very rich, with reds and browns, greens and yellows dominating alongside whites and ivories. Dyes made from natural materials create harmonious colour combinations in Isfahan Persian rugs. Among the most popular designs are Isfahan rugs with garden motifs decorated with flowers and vines, while other pieces feature latticework patterns with flowers, which are detailed and well-crafted Medallion rugs. The warp and weft yarns are made from cotton, with a dense knotting of around 550,000 knots per square metre. The quality of the wool is excellent and lustrous, and the fibre height is medium.

The dominant colours in Yazd Persian rugs are subtle shades of blue and purplish red, contrasted by white, light blue and pink. The carpets have a harmonious, if sometimes slightly sombre, overall appearance, decorated with floral patterns and geometric floral designs in endless repetition, and Medallion and Paradise patterns are common. Yazd Iranian carpets are made from cotton and wool warp yarns in densities ranging from medium fine to very fine, i.e. 100,000 to 500,000 knots per square metre. They are made from high quality wool.

The economy of the city of Nain is mainly based on the production and trade of high quality Iranian carpets, which are sold in global markets. The most typical colours of Nain Persian carpets are shades of light blue, white, ivory and light grey. The decorations of Nain Iranian rugs are mostly small, delicate arabesques, precisely worked palmettes, rosettes and leaf patterns. The materials used include very finely spun cotton or natural silk. Nain Iranian carpets are made using Persian knotting techniques with a density of around 350,000 knots per square metre, while silk carpets are made with densities of up to 1,000,000 knots per square metre. Materials used often include fine Kurk wool, which is often combined, for example, with silk contours to create an embossed effect. Nain carpets are essentially short cut. Nain Iranian carpets are of the highest quality, durable and decorative, making them an excellent investment opportunity because of their potential to become valuable antiques in the future.


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