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Classic carpets

Looking for a classic carpet at a great price? Take a look at our range of Carpet Shop. Machine made carpets with oriental pattern. Acrylic Persian rugs with popular Iranian designs. View our carpet outlet warehouse and order from our webshop!

Classic carpet

Machine made versions of classic Oriental rugs in a wide range. If you are looking for a Persian rug for your living room or bedroom, but at a low price, you should browse this category. Our classic patterned rugs are mainly recommended for those who like quality, aesthetic home furnishing products, but their more affordable price makes them a more attractive choice over handmade carpets or woven kelims. These machine-made carpets can be divided into two groups. Traditional machine-made carpets made of polyester or, in the premium category, Persian carpets made of acrylic. 

Acrylic Persian carpet

Acrylic, a synthetic material, has several useful properties: it is soft but extremely durable. It is easy to clean and dry, does not fluff and keeps its form. They retain their brilliant colour perfectly even when cleaned with chemicals. Lifelike reflection of the handmade Persian carpets. They give an elegant look to the room. You can feel the quality by touch. There are 1 million machine knots per square metre. With well-known designs from Iranian carpets such as Tabriz, Bidjar, Isfahan.

Polyester classic carpet

Our polyester classic carpets are popular because they are extremely affordable. Turkish carpets have now become a mass-produced item, making them accessible to everyone. The Turkish carpet factory we represent controls every step of the production process. It can now be said that Turkish carpets are also starting to reach high standards. In terms of value for money, the polyester machine made carpets are absolutely adequate. As we keep our carpets rolled up in our carpet warehouse, you should not be scared if they are wavy at first. It straightens out in use. After that, it is free to be vacuumed. It should not be exposed to hot sunlight because polyester is a plastic product, so it will not withstand heat.

Take a look at our selection of quality machine made rugs and brighten up your home with a stylish classic rug!

131product 136
131product 136
Product status
11 € - 374.83 €
Length (cm)
80 - 300
Width (cm)
60 - 200
Place of origin