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Classic carpets made by machine

Looking for an oriental patterned carpet at a great price? Machine made carpet with oriental pattern for classic style homes. View our carpet warehouse selection and order from our carpet webshop!

Classic carpets made by machine

If you're looking for a classic rug to decorate your home, but cost-effectiveness is also important, we recommend our range of machine-made rugs, which boast a rich selection of oriental pattern rugs. The right carpet is one of the defining elements of our home, contributing not only to the aesthetic but also to the comfort of the special atmosphere of our living space. Whether you want to furnish your living room or your bedroom, an oriental patterned machine-made rug is the perfect way to satisfy your need for quality home decor. A reinterpretation of the classic Iranian patterns traditionally known from handmade rugs, the machine-made rug represents a fusion of modern technology and traditional oriental patterns. Machine-made versions of classic carpets are not only a cheaper alternative from a financial point of view. Whether it is a machine made Persian rug made of conventional polyester or a premium machine made Persian rug made of acrylic, they will become a real eye-catcher in your home.

Premium machine-made Persian rug of acrylic

Acrylic is a synthetic material that has many useful properties: it is soft but extremely durable, easy to clean and the carpet made from it keeps its shape. It keeps its brilliant colour even when cleaned with chemicals. Lifelike reflection of the original Persian carpets. They give an elegant look to the room. You can feel the quality by the touch. It contains 1 million machine knots per square metre. With well-known designs from Iranian carpets such as Tabriz, Bidjar, Isfahan. Persian carpets have a long history. The fame of Persian rug started in the 16th century, but handmade carpet is produced by time consuming and expensive processes. The advent of machine-made Persian rugs has made it possible to produce carpets in larger quantities and at lower cost. However, they have not lost the traditional handcrafted beauty and quality of Persian carpets.


Classic carpet made of polyester

The popularity of the classic machine-made rug made of polyester is due to its very affordable price. Turkish rugs have now become a mass-produced item, which makes them affordable and accessible to all. In the Turkish carpet factory which we represent, every step of the production process is subject to strict quality control. It can now be said that Turkish rugs are starting to reach a high quality standard. rugs made of polyester are an absolutely ideal choice in terms of value for money. As we keep the rug rolled up in our warehouse, you don't have to worry if the carpet is wavy after unpacking. It is straightened out during use and only then can it be vacuumed. Turkish rug made of polyester occupies a prominent place in our wide range of carpets, and its popularity is mainly due to its extremely favourable price.

Oriental patterned rug is a home decoration

A carpet is a home decoration that adds comfort, style and warmth to a room. Oriental patterned rugs have long remained fashionable and timeless. Machine-made rugs with Persian motifs look great even in modern interiors, as they create an elegant atmosphere. Machine made carpets are not only practical, but the price is also much more affordable. The machine made Persian rug made of acrylic with Iranian motifs, stand out in style and quality far above other machine made rugs. Carpets with classic Persian motifs attract attention with their unique elegance. These rugs are perfectly matching for the living room and bedroom, because these are the rooms where we like to spend most of our time. The high level of machine weaving technology allows the creation of more nuanced colours and more complex patterns. The durability and easy maintenance of a machine-made Persian rug make it an ideal decoration for living rooms and bedrooms. If you're looking for a rug that is durable, easy to clean and timelessly elegant, you may want to consider an acrylic Persian rug with classic Iranian motifs. If you are looking for a specifically cheaper rug and value for money, buy a Turkish polyester machine made rug.

Don't worry if the carpet is wavy after laying. In our warehouse, we keep the machine-made carpets rolled up. After a short use, the carpet will straighten out.

Have a look at our selection of quality Oriental patterned machine made classic rugs and brighten up your home with an elegant Persian rug!

123product 136
123product 136
17 € - 518 €
Length (cm)
80 - 300
Width (cm)
50 - 200