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Ziegler wool carpets

The Ziegler wool carpet is a brand in the oriental carpet market. Order handmade carpets from our carpet shop at discount prices, all oriental carpets in the warehouse. Don't worry, if the carpet doesn't match your room, Carpetdepo will take care of the return and money refund.

Information about Ziegler Oriental carpet

Ziegler carpet is very popular, their colours are made of different trees. Ziegler oriental carpet is washed four times after it is made, then sun-dried. Their designs are based on antique carpet patterns and are often light in colour. It exudes a real elegance. They are highly sought after oriental rugs, mainly because they are an excellent match for most rooms, whether modern or classic in décor. Also, available in runner carpet sizes for hallways. The knotted part of the rug is 100% Ghazni wool. The city of Ghazni, Afghanistan has wide grasslands, so the sheep reared here have excellent wool. Ziegler carpet is easy to handle and can be vacuum cleaned immediately. As with all oriental rugs, it should only be vacuumed in one direction, in the direction of the fibre's lay. It can also be placed in rooms with underfloor heating. The thickness of the carpet is a matter of shearing, this does not affect the quality. Durability is a result of the density of the knotting and the quality of the wool. The Ziegler carpet has the ability to add a unique atmosphere to your home as a living room carpet, bedroom carpet or even as a hallway carpet. 

  • Manufacturing: handmade carpet
  • Knot count: ~ 180 000 - 240 000 knots / m2
  • Place of origin: Afghanistan
  • Knotted part material: 100% wool
  • Warp yarn material: 100 % cotton
  • Thickness: approx. 7-9 mm

Video about the Ziegler carpet

What makes Ziegler oriental carpet durable?

It is made with an extremely strong Gheordes knotting technique, which means it is double knotted. Its special colours are derived from the trees.  The different trees are cut into small pieces and then milled, thawed and finally filtered. Ghazni wool is put into this. The wool and the dye are then boiled for several hours. Because the wood is a spiky material, there are plenty of spikes left in the dye even after filtration. That's why the process of making Ziegler wool carpet is so difficult and slow, but it's what makes an oriental carpet so durable and long-lasting.

Where can I place my Ziegler carpet?

If I had to give a short answer, I would say any room. It can be placed in the busiest of living rooms, but it also gives a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. It is a very elegant carpet. Of course, like all oriental carpets, the Ziegler carpet should be taken care of. For example, do not step on it with muddy or wet shoes. Especially in the summer, it is worth moving it sometimes so that moths don't feel comfortable under the carpet. Or put lavender under the carpet.

We hope that you will be happy with the handmade oriental carpet you buy from us and that you will enjoy using it.

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183product 136
Product status
52.62 € - 4 869.18 €
Length (cm)
80 - 969
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53 - 366