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Carpet Clearance Sale

If you love the unique and quality carpet, here is your chance to get huge discounts on CarpetDepo carpet Clearance Sale page. The advantage of the clearance sale is that you can now buy the best quality carpet at up to 50% off. All the carpets are new in the CarpetDepo carpet warehouse, whether they are handmade or machine made, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality.

Carpet Clearance Sale in the CarpetDepo Carpet Warehouse

In the Carpet Clearance Sale category, we are offering a huge discount to our Dear Customers. You can find carpets for yourself at extraordinary prices, just like at a carpet fair. The only difference is that we bargain down the price instead of you. Of course, a Carpet Clearance Sale does not mean a final sale. We've been in the carpet business for 30 years, we've been in the business for generations, from father to son, hopefully and God willing, even longer. Our dear customers can be assured that if there is a problem with the carpet, there is somewhere to return it, to complain, to be outraged... It is reassuring to us that in our decades of operation, we have never had a single problem with any of our carpets and have never had a dissatisfied customer.

Carpet Clearance Sale


Why this huge carpet promotion?

Because there are carpets that haven't found a buyer after 1-2 years, we want to sell them at a low price. It will be better in your living room than in our warehouse and last but not least we hope to please you. There are also discontinued products here that will no longer be available in the future. There are lots of beautiful wool carpets to choose from. I am sure you will find the oriental carpet that is right for you.

Carpet Clearance Sale

Are the discount carpets used?

We do not sell used carpets in our Carpet Outlet warehouse. All our carpets are new. Some carpets may have knotting or colour defects, we have indicated these in the description, but these are also not used carpets. Most of the products are in perfect condition but as we have had them in stock for over 2 years we would like to sell them at acquisition or production price.


Looking for a cheap carpet?

You have come to the right place. Here you will find cheap carpets. Whether you are looking for machine made Persian carpets or handmade carpets, you will find all types in this category. No one is the enemy of their own budget, I'm sure you've looked at many carpet shops. We hope you find here what you are looking for and at a good price.

cheap carpet


Carpet Clearance Sale: fantastic offers, unmissable prices!

Carpet Clearance Sales are always a great excitement, as they give you the opportunity to get the carpet you want at a huge discount. We offer carpets from our Budapest warehouse stock at unique prices. Carpet Clearance Sale does not mean final sale, our carpet shop is still open and we are waiting for our customers with fresh stock. The Oriental Carpet Clearance Sale is particularly popular. These exclusive pieces can make our homes magical and special. In the Carpet Clearance Sale offers a wide range of oriental carpets. Some follow classic patterns and some come in modern forms. Chobi Kelim is also a good choice at the moment of Carpet Clearance Sale. Original Afghani wool Kelim carpet with hand weaving, a wide variety of patterns and beautiful colours. The modern Kelim carpet from India with its playful colours can also be used as a wall carpet or tapestry. The advantage of a thick wool carpet is that it not only gives a special soft feeling underfoot, but also helps to warm the floor. The thick wool Carpet is a particularly good way to make your home more comfortable and cosy. The carpets on the Clearance Sale usually sell out quickly due to their low prices. If one of the carpets has caught your eye, you should hurry up to buy it. These clearance sales are a great opportunity to buy a quality carpet at a huge discount over the market price.


Home furnishing during the Carpet Clearance Sale

When furnishing a home, one of the most important elements is the floor and its covering. And the choice of carpet is a key part of the interior design, as it is important not only for its practicality, but also for its aesthetic appeal. But for many people, the price of carpet makes it difficult to choose the right piece. However, now is your chance to make your dream home a reality, without leaving your wallet empty, with CarpetDepo's carpet promotion, the carpet sale! On the CarpetDepo carpet webshop page, we are waiting for you with a huge Carpet Clearance Sale. This is a great opportunity to get a quality, eye-catching carpet. You'll find a wide variety of carpet types in our Carpet Clearance Sale, including handmade carpets, modern or classic machine-made carpets - in all styles and sizes. A new carpet not only makes your floor more comfortable, it also adds visual appeal to your home. This carpet promotion also gives you the opportunity to give your home a completely different style with a grey, white, beige, burgundy or coloured carpet. Whether you want a classic, traditional carpet or you're looking for something more modern, CarpetDepo's carpet Clearance Sale guarantees that your home decor can be given a new lease of life almost immediately. A wide selection and low prices are guaranteed. And your new carpet will look great for decades!


We wish you a pleasant browsing on our carpet outlet page!

110product 136
110product 136
18 € - 2 375 €
Length (cm)
90 - 403
Width (cm)
50 - 290