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Carpet Clearance Sale

In the carpet outlet category, we are offering a huge discount to our lovely visitors. You can find carpets for yourself at extraordinary prices, just like in a carpet fair. The only difference is that we've got bargained down on the prices. Of course, a carpet outlet does not mean a clearance sale. We've been in the carpet business about 30 years, we've been in the business for generations, from father to son, hopefully and God willing, even longer. Our dear customer can be sure that if there is a problem with the carpet, there is a place to return it. It is reassuring to us that in our decades of operation, we have never had a problem with any of our carpets and have never met a dissatisfied customer.

Why this huge carpet discount?

Because there are carpets that haven't found a buyer after 1-2 years, so we want to sell them at a low price. They will be better placed in your living room than in our warehouse, and last but not least, we hope to make you happy. There are also some discontinued products that will no longer be available for purchase in the future. There are lots of beautiful wool carpets to choose from. I am sure you will find the oriental carpet that is right for you.

Are these carpets used?

We do not sell used carpets in our carpet outlet warehouse. All our carpets are new. Only a few rugs have knotting or colour defects, we have indicated these errors in the description, but these are also not used rugs. Most of the products are in perfect condition, but since it has been in our warehouse for more than 2 years, we would like to sell it at purchase or production price.  

I am looking for a cheap carpet!

You are in the right place. Here you will find cheap carpets. Whether you are looking for machine-made Persian carpets or hand-made carpets, you will find all kinds in this category. No one is the enemy of their own wallet, I'm sure you've looked at a lot of carpet shops. We hope you find what you are looking for at a good price.

We wish you a pleasant browsing on our carpet outlet page!

149product 136
149product 136
Product status
13.82 € - 1 868.95 €
Length (cm)
63 - 445
Width (cm)
51 - 260