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Pakistan wool carpets

Pakistan handmade oriental carpet in warehouse. Choose a wool carpet or runner carpet for your living room, check our discounts in our carpet shop. Don't hesitate to order, if the carpet doesn't match your home, Carpetdepo will take care of the free return delivery.

Origin of Pakistan wool carpet

This wool carpet is made in Punjab and Sindh province in a wide range of places. Its design and manufacturing technique are of Turkmen origin, but it was traded in the old silk market of the Silk Road town of Bokhara, hence the name. The carpet is made of New Zealand or Pakistani Merino wool, a densely knotted carpet. Today, this type of Oriental carpet is one of the most beautiful carpets in Pakistan, it captivates customers with its understated elegance. Its most famous and popular design is the Bokhara design, also known as the Mauri design. In many films we see beautiful geometric red carpets, this is the Bokhara carpet from Pakistan.

  • Manufacturing: handmade carpet
  • Knot count: approx. 260 000 knots/m2
  • Typical patterns: Bokhara, Jaldar, Butterfly
  • Place of origin: Pakistan
  • Knotted part material:100 % wool
  • Warp yarn: 100% cotton
  • Thickness: approx. 6-7. 8 mm

How is the Pakistan carpet made?

Pakistan wool carpets, which are popular all over the world, are hand-knotted from extremely high-quality wool. Pakistani rugs are easily recognisable by their distinctive colours and patterns, not just for the expert eye. Thanks to the first-class raw material of the carpet, they are particularly resistant to wear and tear, and the properties of the wool make them easy to clean. The quality and other characteristics of wool carpets make them available in several quality categories. Our range of products is the perfect choice for those who value sophistication in their interior design.  This type of oriental carpet is washed and dried after making and cutting, and is also colourfast. They lend warmth to your home as a living room carpet or bedroom rug. For corridors or as a complement to large carpets, we recommend the runner carpet, which can be up to 2-3 metres long. Cleaning the carpet is easy and requires no expertise. It can be vacuumed in the direction of the thread, like all oriental carpets. For heavier soiling, we recommend the services of professional carpet cleaning companies.

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476product 136
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60 - 647
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59 - 280