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Kilim cushion cover

The Kelim pillow case is the ideal choice for decorating your home. The colourful decorative cushions create a pleasant atmosphere in the room while providing comfort and beauty. Kelim cushion covers are hand-woven, making each piece unique and of high quality.

Cushion cover from hand woven Kelim

Made from Afghan Kelim carpet, the cushion cover will match harmoniously with a variety of furniture and interior design styles. The vibrant colours and patterns create a stunning visual effect and enhance the ambience of the room. The Kilim cushion cover is made of easy-clean material, making it simple and practical to maintain. The premium wool material is durable enough to ensure that you can enjoy the beauty of your Kelim decorative cushion for years to come. The Kelim part of the Afghan cushion cover is thoroughly washed after weaving, so the colours and patterns stay beautiful for a long time. This ensures the long life and original beauty of the Kilim cushion. The colourful Kelim decorative cushions offer a wide range of possibilities in home decoration. They look perfect placed on furniture in the living room or bedroom. Whether you want to add a unique atmosphere to your room or complement your existing furniture, a Kelim colourful cushion is the perfect choice.

Kilim cushions and pillow cases

Colourful Kelim cushion: a fine example of Afghan art

The Kelim cushion is more than just a decorative accessory. It is a work of art that combines heritage, craftsmanship and beautiful colours. The Kelim cushion cover is made from hand-woven wool material with a cotton backing, which has been made by Afghan carpet weavers living in Pakistan. Each colourful 40x40 pillowcase tells a story of tradition, durability and the beauty of Afghan art. The Kelim decorative cushion is a decorative beauty, featuring a stunning range of colours and intricate patterns. The vibrant tones, from rich reds and blues to warm earth tones, have been carefully selected to reflect the Afghan landscape and cultural themes. Geometric patterns or floral motifs depict the history and aspirations of the Afghan people, offering a glimpse into their rich heritage.



Hand woven pillow case

The meticulous work behind the pillow cases is amazing. Expert Afghan carpet weavers use traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation to make the hand-woven wool Kilim. All wool yarns are dyed with plants found in nature. They use high quality wool to create a durable yet flexible rug. The use of wool provides warmth, making the pillow case not only decorative, but also comfortable. A durable cotton backing has been added to extend the life of the Kelim pillow case. This ensures structural stability. The cotton backing also ensures that the cover is easy to clean and maintain, so you can enjoy its beauty for many years to come.


Afghan Kelim cushion cover from Pakistan

Due to the emigration of many Afghan families, there are now many talented artisans living in Pakistan. These people have sought refuge in neighbouring countries, bringing with them their cultural heritage and traditional crafts. By making Kelim pillow cases, they have not only supported their families but also preserved their artistic traditions, maintaining their ties to their homeland. The 40x40 size of the Kelim pillowcase makes it a versatile addition to any living space. Whether it is placed on a sofa, bed or ornate chair, it creates a lively atmosphere and complements a wide range of decor styles. The timeless beauty of the Kilim design ensures it remains a treasured piece that defies outdated trends and remains a classic of Afghan craftsmanship. By admiring unique Kelim cushion covers, we pay respect to the rich cultural heritage of the people of Afghanistan, while adding a touch of elegance to our surroundings.

148product 136
148product 136
45 € - 57 €
Length (cm)
35 - 55
Width (cm)
35 - 55