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Tribal Kilim rugs

Discover a rich selection of Afghan tribal Kilim rugs and choose a magical wall rug that will bring to life the free spirit of nomads and Afghan artisan culture on the walls of your home. Don't worry if the carpet doesn't match your room, because CarpetDepo carpet shop offers you a 30-day money back guarantee and free returns!

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The origin of the Afghan tribal Kilim rug

Afghanistan is home to an impressive array of handmade tribal rugs, some of which stand out among the unique Afghan rugs. The uniqueness of Afghan Nomadic rugs lies in their hand weaving and cultural heritage. These stunning creations are made in workshops in the city of Herat and are therefore also known as Herati Beluch rug. The Afghan tribal rugs are masterpieces created by local artisans and carpet weavers. The city of Herat, Afghanistan, is famous for its traditional handmade carpet making and has a long and rich history of carpet weaving dating back centuries. In Herat, people still weave carpets in the traditional way, and in the process, timeless techniques and knowledge passed down through generations come together. The distinctive qualities and decorations of Afghan tribal Kilim wall rugs are fascinating. These tribal Kilim wall rugs are usually made in smaller sizes. Tribal Kilim rugs feature geometric and animal designs that reflect traditional Afghan design and craftsmanship. Colours often include dark browns, dark reds and dark blues, which contrast excitingly with white, ivory and other bright colours.

tribal Kilim rug


Tribal Kilim wall rug: the heritage of nomadic tribes

A long time ago, when nomadic tribes lived on the endless plains, the temperature of their tents was cooled by freezing winds every winter. Over the centuries, nomadic tribes learned many practices to make their environment more liveable. They were very skilled at creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for themselves and used special tribal kilim rugs to do so. These rugs not only covered the floor of the tent, but also decorated the walls as a wall rug. This way, the cold air did not enter the tent because the wall rug kept the nomads' home warm. Afghan tribal wall rugs were particularly famous because the nomads were masters at weaving carpets, and these wall rugs were of the highest quality. As time went by, the nomadic way of life changed and fewer and fewer tribes lived freely in the wastelands. In the modern era, the tribal Kilim rug is a reminder of the past and has become a beautiful wall rug to decorate homes. People have discovered the magical patterns of Kilim rugs and the Afghan nomadic rug is considered a real treasure. Tribal Kilim wall rugs are made of high quality wool. The tribal Kilim wall rug is not just a simple decorative element, but tells stories of ancestral life, nomadic migrations and traditions. This wall carpet is a piece of the past that is preserved and treasured in today's modern world.

Tribal Kilim wall carpet


Magical Afghan tribal rugs: enchanting Nomadic Artwork on the Wall

If you are looking to decorate a wall or create a special atmosphere in your home, a wall rug can be a great choice. Among the nomadic rugs, Afghan rugs are particularly noteworthy as they carry a fascinating cultural heritage. A wall rug is a perfect way to express your personality and style through the walls of your home. Afghan rug carries with it the traditions and art of nomadic tribes, and its enchanting patterns make the walls a real showpiece. In addition, the carpets are hand woven, with meticulously crafted details that make each piece unique. The tribal Kilim rug has a wide range of possibilities for use. Whether it is traditional geometric patterns or animal motifs, everyone can find a piece to suit their taste. Nomadic rugs are made by Afghan artisans, who have handed down generations of knowledge to create these masterpieces. When you choose an Afghan nomadic rug, you bring a true work of art into your home. A tribal Kilim wall rug is not just a decorative object, but a precious piece of handicraft that contributes to the ambience and warmth of a room.

Tribal Kilim rug

We hope you will find the rug of your dreams in our selection of our carpet warehouse in Budapest. Afghan tribal Kilim rugs will ensure that the walls or floors of your home are unique and stunning.

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109product 136
122 € - 272 €
Length (cm)
170 - 213
Width (cm)
104 - 177