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Premium acrylic persian carpets

Persian carpet at a good price from our warehouse, premium acrylic fibre classic carpet. Browse our carpet shop if you are looking for a living room carpet or bedroom carpet. Order your favourite carpet, if it doesn't match your room CarpetDepo will arrange the return shipment for free!

What is worth knowing about acrylic Persian carpets?

Acrylic Persian rug has similar properties to the handmade wool carpet. However, the moth will not damage acrylic carpet, which is also an advantage in terms of use. An acrylic rug with a classic Persian design is more like a machine made carpet. It is more durable, more resistant and more fireproof. Acrylic Persian carpet gives your home an elegant atmosphere. Acrylic is non-allergenic and not fluffy, so there's no need to worry about your children or yourself inhaling the harmful substance. In our carpet catalogue, you will find the famous handmade oriental carpet designs like Tabriz, Bidjar, Mahi, Medalion or Bokhara.

  • Manufacture: machine-made Persian carpet
  • Knots/m2: 980.000
  • Knotting thread: 100% acrylic
  • Warp thread: 20% acrylic, 80% polyester
  • Weft yarn: Jute
  • Country of origin: Iran
  • Yarn height: 10-12 mm

Why we love acrylic Persian carpets?

Because it feels very similar to wool carpets and its resistance is very high. It also retains its colour well when wet cleaning. The colour does not fade during use. The advantage of acrylic is that it does not melt when exposed to heat. If a traditional (100% polyester) machine-made carpet is left in the sun for a long time, the material will melt, and the carpet will be wavy because it cannot tolerate strong sunlight.

Why is acrylic Persian carpet more expensive than traditional machine made carpet?

Acrylic Persian carpet is much more durable and sophisticated than other machine made carpets. Because it has 1 million machine knots per square metre, it has a much more elaborate design. You just have to touch it or walk barefoot on it, and you can feel the difference. Not to mention the popular Iranian designs that we know well from handmade Persian rugs.

Choose from our premium acrylic Persian carpets, delivered from the warehouse! 
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30.47 € - 677.11 €
Length (cm)
80 - 400
Width (cm)
60 - 300