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Woven carpets

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Thick Wool carpets

Thick hand and machine woven carpet with dyeing obtained from natural materials. Thanks to weaving, both sides can be used. Made of 100% New Zealand wool, this rug is free of allergenic substances. It gives a rustic feel to your home either as a living room rug or kitchen rug. In addition to a coffee table, you can place other furniture on it. However, attention should be paid not to be too heavy and not to have sharp legs, as they can tear the rug. This type of carpet is also called a rag rug. Because of its thickness and softness, it is often used in children's rooms. Thanks to their favourable prices, they are also recommended for holiday homes. They are suitable for both classic and modern homes. Woven wool carpets, despite their thermal insulation properties and thickness, are also suitable for rooms with underfloor heating. Even though it is a thick carpet, most of the heat is transferred from the floor into the room, but in rooms without underfloor heating, it pleasantly warms up the cold floor.

Cleaning the wool carpets

Wool carpets may initially show some linting, but this is not a defect. It will disappear with use, especially if vacuumed more frequently at the beginning. It is worth moving the carpet from time to time to prevent moths from breeding underneath. Vacuuming should only be done without a brush and on the lowest setting of the vacuum cleaner. For soiling, you can use a damp cloth or carpet cleaning foam which can be applied to wool. For heavier soiling, it is best to leave it to carpet cleaning companies.

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536product 136
536product 136
Product status
9.48 € - 287.45 €
Length (cm)
0 - 430
Width (cm)
50 - 250