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Modern carpets

Modern carpets at affordable prices. If you're looking for living room rugs at a cheap price, check out our range of carpet shop, all rugs in stock, so fast delivery is guaranteed.

Modern rugs for home decoration

Modern carpets are primarily for those who like a form of quality, aesthetic interior design that emphasises simplicity. We recommend modern carpets especially to lovers of minimal style. 60% of newly built homes are decorated with modern furnishings. Their lower price makes them a more attractive choice for everyone compared to hand-knotted or woven carpets. Our modern carpets are made of polyester, manufactured in Turkey. They cover a wide range of colours. In terms of patterns, they are extremely varied, with designs that are driven by modern user needs rather than the classic Persian carpet. Modern carpets are very popular with young people.

Cleaning modern carpets

Since we store machine-made carpets rolled up, it is best to wait until the waves have gone out of the carpet. This, in use, can be achieved more quickly. So let's walk on the carpet. Only the smoothed carpet should be vacuumed, and only on the lowest setting of the vacuum cleaner. For more extreme soiling, we recommend carpet cleaning foam or carpet cleaning companies. The longer the fibres in the carpet, the faster the damage, as the fibres can be torn up by the vacuum cleaner. 

Take a look at our range of quality machine made carpets and brighten up your home with a stylish modern rug!

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Product status
8.8 € - 97.73 €
Length (cm)
90 - 300
Width (cm)
60 - 200
Place of origin