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Afghan carpets

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Handmade Afghan wool rugs in warehouse, so fast delivery is guaranteed. Order from our carpet shop and personalise the atmosphere of your home, if it still doesn't match your room, CarpetDepo Carpet Shop will arrange the return delivery which is free of charge.

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The origin of Afghan carpets

A country with a millennia-long history of wool carpet making is one of the country's main treasures. Its exquisite wool is dyed with natural dyes. Afghan Handmade carpets are characterised by their timelessness and colour fastness. Afghan carpet dyes are made according to secret family recipes. Afghan rugs add warmth and coziness to your home as a living room rug, runner rug, bedroom rug or hallway rug. In our Afghan wool carpet category, you will find Kargai/Khalmohamedi wool carpets and Aqcha wool carpets in our extremely wide range of hundreds of items. All our Afghan rugs are made of high quality wool, dyed to last and are eco-friendly. The tradition of rug making in Afghanistan goes back centuries. In the beginning, carpets were made by nomadic tribes. They were first used to warm their tents and later for commercial purposes. Archaeological excavations have shown that some designs can be 1000 years old, such as the "Elephant Foot" design.


- The Elephant Foot pattern -

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How is the Afghan wool carpet made?

Nowadays, the Afghan Oriental rugs are mainly made in northern Afghanistan. It is not made in large factories like in Iran. It is knotted in small workshops (Karkhana) or by villagers in their own homes. There is a lot of work in making a wool carpet. Extremely tedious knotting is followed by shearing. Once it is trimmed to the right size, it is washed. The washing is to avoid colour bleeding. By colour bleeding, we mean that when the Oriental carpet is exposed to water, the different colours fuse together. Washing four times, followed by drying in the sun. After that, the carpet is considered ready to be delivered to our carpet warehouse and then sold to our partners, resellers and of course our online customers. All our carpets come with a guarantee.


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Choose from our Handmade Afghan rugs and enhance the special atmosphere of your home!