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Afghan wool carpets

Choose from Afghan handmade carpet categories


With a millennia-old wool carpet making heritage, it is one of the country's main treasures. Its excellent wool is dyed with natural dyes. Afghan hand made carpets are characterised by their timelessness and colour fastness. Afghan wool carpet dyes are made according to secret family recipes. Afghan wool carpets add warmth and cosiness to your home as living room carpets, runner carpets, bedroom carpets, hallway carpets.

In our Afghan wool carpet category, you will find Berjesta wool carpets, Kargai/Khalmohamedi wool carpets, Shawal wool carpets and Aqcha wool carpets in our extremely wide range of hundreds of items.

All of our Afghan carpets are made from high quality wool and are dyed to be durable and environmentally friendly. Choose from our hand knotted Afghan wool carpets and add a special touch to your home!