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Shawal wool carpets

Order handmade Shawal wool carpet, Khorjin oriental carpet from our carpet shop. Decorate your living room with oriental carpets, all carpets in stock.

What is worth knowing about Shawal Oriental carpet?

Shawal wool carpet is a combination of modern and classic design. It is made in an urban residential area. The Afghan rug gives a comfortable, homely feel as a living room carpet or as a runner carpet in hallways. Its varied motifs and colours are eye-catching. It takes a lot of work and patience to make a Shawal Oriental carpet. The colours are extracted from plants and used to colour the wool yarns. It is 100% handmade carpet. After the wool carpet is finished, it is washed four times and dried in the sun to keep its colour. Many people think that the denser and thicker the Persian carpet, the better and more durable it is, but this is a misconception. Thickness is a matter of shearing and durability is a result of the density of the knotting and the quality of the material. Shawal carpets are perfect for any style of room. Another name for this wool carpet is the Khorjin carpet.

  • Manufacturing: handmade
  • Knot count: approx. 180 000 - 250 000 knots/m2
  • Place of origin: Afghanistan
  • Knotted part material: 100 % wool
  • Warp yarn material: 100 % cotton
  • Thickness: approx. 8-10 mm

How should I use an oriental carpet?

The cleaning and care of oriental carpets for lighter stains does not require much expertise. All wool carpets should only be vacuumed in the direction of the thread. It is an old misconception to hang the carpet and start dusting and beating it. This technique is harmful to all carpets. It loosens the knots, which will cause the wool carpet to deteriorate more quickly. Can also be used in rooms with underfloor heating. Although it is true, you will need to move or vacuum more often to prevent moths from nesting under the carpet. No problem if furniture is placed on it. Of course, it is not a good idea to place furniture weighing several hundred kilograms on the carpet, because if the heavy furniture has sharp legs, it could tear through the carpet.

We hope that you will be satisfied with the handmade wool carpet you buy from us and that you will enjoy using it! Don't worry if it doesn't match your room,
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72product 136
72product 136
Product status
366.3 € - 3 000.68 €
Length (cm)
149 - 337
Width (cm)
79 - 265
Place of origin