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Shawal oriental carpets

Discover our selection of elegant handcrafted Shawal Oriental rugs. Decorate your living room with our wide selection of oriental rugs that we have in our warehouse. If it doesn't match your room, CarpetDepo Carpet Shop will take care of the return delivery.

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What should you know about Shawal Oriental carpet?

The Shawal Oriental rug is representing a combination of modern and classical motifs, made by Afghans living in urban areas, but the way of making is the same as the nomadic rug. Its making requires a huge amount of work and patience, because the colours are extracted from plants that are found in nature and used to dye the wool yarns. It contains no allergenic substances. The Shawl Oriental rug making technique is called Gheordes knotting, which means double knotting. The finished wool carpets are washed four times and left to dry in the sun to preserve their vibrant and durable colours. An oriental rug made in this way, 100% handmade, will add a unique elegance to your living room. A 200x300 meter Shawal Oriental rug can take a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 1 year to complete. Many people mistakenly think that the thicker and denser the handcrafted rug, the better and more durable it is, but this is actually a misconception. The thickness depends only on the shearing, while the durability depends on the density of the knotting and the quality of the wool. This Afghan rug gives a unique look and a homely feel, as a living room rug or even for hallways as a runner rug. The special feature of the Shawal Oriental rug is that it captivates the eye with its varied motifs and stunning colours. The durability of the Shawl rug makes it an excellent choice for even the busiest living rooms. Our interior design partners recommend it to their clients for both modern and classic interiors. Shawal wool carpet is also known as Khorjin carpet in the carpet market. If you are looking for a quality and elegant rug that will bring style and uniqueness to your living room, the Shawl afghan rug could be the perfect choice. It will provide an unforgettable experience and add value to any room.

  • Manufacturing: handcrafted
  • Knot density: approx. 250 000 knots/m2
  • Place of origin: Afghanistan
  • Knotted part material: 100% wool
  • Warp yarn material: 100% cotton
  • Thickness: approx. 8-10 mm
  • Weight: 3 kg/m²

Shawal oriental rug

What should you know about Aikat afghan carpet?

The Aikat afghan rug is a stunning creation, that offers a wonderful blend of today's modern minimal style and traditional oriental motifs. This unique oriental rug is the perfect choice for either modern or classic interior design. The motifs of the rug stand out with mainly modern geometric patterns, giving your living room a cheerful and youthful look. The Aikat Oriental rug is a relatively young rug among Afghan rugs, yet it has conquered the rug market in a short period of time. This is partly due to its bright and attractive colours, which captivate people. The uniqueness of the Aikat modern carpet lies in the fact that it is entirely handmade using the traditional Gheordes technique. Natural plants are used to extract the colours, so Aikat carpets are free of allergens, which is particularly important in health and eco-friendly homes. Aikat afghan rug not only has aesthetic value, but is also functionally superior. It matches perfectly with the modern living room, where it creates a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. It is also extremely durable and long-lasting, as it is made from Afghan wool, which ensures high quality and durability. As the Aikat wool rug does not have a central pattern, it can even be put under the dining table. It is also available in different lengths as a runner rug, perfect for hallways or as an addition to a living room rug. If you love modern interiors and elegant oriental rugs, the Aikat Oriental rug is the perfect choice for you. It brings comfort and character to your home.

  • Manufacturing: handmade
  • Knot density: approx. 200,000 knots/m2
  • Place of origin: Afghanistan
  • Knotted part material: 100% wool
  • Warp yarn material: 100% cotton
  • Thickness: approx. 7-9 mm
  • Weight: 2,5 kg/m2

Aikat modern wool rug

How are Shawal and Aikat carpets made?

Nowadays, Shawal carpets are made in the northern part of Afghanistan or in the Afghan-populated areas of Pakistan, and each step of the process requires meticulous work. The production process begins with the care of the sheep, where it is of paramount importance to ensure quality grasslands, as the quality of the sheep's wool directly affects the fineness and durability of the finished Shawal carpet. After shearing, the sheep's wool is carefully sorted to separate the wool that will be the raw material for the everyday use Shawal carpets. Once the wool has been prepared, the spinners transform the wool into yarn, a process that itself takes several days of work. This is followed by the dyeing process, during which only natural dyes are used to give the Shawal carpet its unique colours. The dyed yarns are dried using traditional methods, using the power of the sun in summer and artificial drying methods in winter. Once the yarns are ready, the next stage of carpet making is knotting, which is mostly done in workshops in Pakistan or in the homes of the knotters in Afghanistan. The basis of carpet making is the warp yarns, to which the Gheordes knotting technique is applied. The post-knotting steps - shearing and thorough washing of the carpet - further enhance the quality of the Shawal carpet. Shawal carpets are treated with multiple washes to prevent colour bleeding. At the end of the process, the finished Shawal carpets are collected and shipped in large quantities to our carpet warehouse in Budapest, where we have been selling them to our dealer partners, resellers and online customers since 1993. Each Shawal rug comes with a warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-lasting product quality.

"For CarpetDepo, the protection of human dignity and rights is a top priority. In line with these principles, we firmly distance ourselves from any activities that favour the employment of children above their upbringing and education, whether in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Our mission is to contribute to the creation of an environment where children can focus primarily on learning, away from any kind of exploitation. This ethical compass is extremely important to us, and we strive to ensure that our manufacturing processes are designed with sustainability and ethical operations in mind. We believe that every child has the right to an education and to develop in a healthy environment, and we strongly reject customs and practices that encourage forced child labour."

How to clean your oriental rug?

Cleaning and caring for oriental carpet does not require much expertise in the case of lighter stains. All wool rugs should only be vacuum cleaned in the direction of the fibre. You can remove most dirt from your carpet yourself with a damp cloth. However, leave the major cleaning to carpet cleaning companies that specialise in handcrafted carpet cleaning. It's a big old misconception that you hang up your carpet and start dusting it with a stick. This cleaning technique is harmful to all carpets. It loosens the knots, which will ruin the wool rug more quickly. In summer, you should move or vacuum clean your wool carpet more often to prevent moths from breeding underneath. It's no problem if you put a coffee table on the rug. However, you shouldn't put heavy furniture on the wool rug, because if it has sharp legs, it can tear through the carpet over time.

Video on cleaning an oriental rug

Combination of Modern and Classic Oriental carpet

Shawal Oriental rug and Aikat modern Oriental carpet can be placed almost anywhere in the home. The Shawal rug, which is decorated with oriental motifs, has a colourful surface that gives it a modern and traditional look. The Shawl afghan rug is ideal for homes or luxury offices. The Aikat modern oriental rug is both elegant and contemporary. Decorated with colourful patterns to match both the living room and bedroom. Both oriental rugs are made from high quality materials. A great choice for those who want to incorporate an exotic look into their home. The Shawl rug and the Aikat rug are great complements to a modern, minimal style, but will also match equally well in a classic style home. What's more, both rugs are made from high quality and durable materials, which will keep them looking beautiful for a long time and make them easy to clean. You can be sure of a totally unique look in any room.


We hope that you will be satisfied with the elegant handcrafted wool rug you buy from us, and that you will enjoy using it! Don't worry if it doesn't match your room, CarpetDepo Carpet House will arrange a return shipment, which is free of charge.

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91product 136
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