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Chobi Kelim rugs

Afghan handwoven Kelim rug for decorating living rooms. For wool Kilim rug promotions, browse our carpet shop and order online. Thanks to our real stock, fast delivery is guaranteed and of course, if it doesn't match in the desired place Carpetdepo will arrange the return delivery, which is free of charge.

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Origin of the Afghan Chobi Kelim rug

Chobi Kelim carpet is very popular. Mainly because of its cheerful colours. In Afghanistan's Maymanah province, nomads and villagers hand weave it. This type of wool Kelim rug is denser and more compact than other Kilims. A special technique is used in weaving, so they are thinner but also faster to make than traditional hand-knotted oriental rugs. Made from 100% wool. After making, they are washed four times and then left to dry in the sun. Their design is a traditional warm antique pattern, but often more modern. They are very popular, mainly because they are an excellent fit for most homes. They add a special elegance to a room. They are used for decorating the home, hanging on walls, as wall rugs and as floor coverings. There is also runner carpet for corridors. They add a unique atmosphere to your home as living room rugs, bedroom rugs. Chobi Kelim carpet is truly unique and special. Made of the best quality wool. Such rugs were originally made by nomadic tribes to warm their tents. Carpet weaving became an integral part of ancient cultures and is still practised today by the weavers who have passed down the knowledge and craft. Making Chobi Kilim is a long and laborious process that requires a lot of patience and skill. The end result is a sophisticated and tasteful Kelim in a cheerful colour, which is particularly beautiful when exposed to natural light and can show off the natural tones of the wool.

  • Manufacture: hand-woven
  • Name: Chobi Kelim rug
  • Place of origin: Maymanah Province, Afghanistan
  • Material: 100% wool
  • Thickness: approx. 4-5 mm
  • Weight: 1,4 kg/m2


Popularity of Chobi Kilim rug

Chobi Kilim rug has become wildly popular in recent years, and more and more people are loving its delightfully elegant designs. Chobi Kelim can be used in almost any room, and is the perfect choice for a living room or hallway. If you want to make your home more colourful and cheerful with a really quality Kelim rug, you should consider Chobi Kelim rug. Its elegant look, brilliant colours and hand-woven quality will surely satisfy the needs of any room. Kilim will not only bring style and sophistication to your home, but it will also pay homage to an ancient craft and painstaking work.


Cleaning of Chobi Kelim rug

Caring for Afghan Kelim rug does not require much expertise. You can clean the minor stains yourself with a slightly damp cloth or with a commercially available carpet cleaning foam which is suitable for cleaning wool. However, for heavier stains we recommend professional carpet cleaning companies. The weakest setting of the vacuum cleaner is sufficient for cleaning as it does not hold the dust particles. There is an old tradition of dedusting by hanging up the Kilim and hitting it with a dedusting stick. This is a misconception!!! It will only ruin your hand woven Kelim rug or any carpet for that matter.

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Chobi Kilim is the perfect wall rug for your home

The Chobi Kilim wall rug is the perfect solution if you want to make your home unique and stylish. This Wool Kelim rug is high quality and durable, which guarantees that it will stay beautiful for many years to come. Chobi Kelim is a woven rug that is handmade in Afghanistan. The handicraft technique and use of high quality wool ensures the durability and long life of the rug. Due to the weaving technique and its weight, Chobi Kilim rug is also perfectly suited to be used as a wall rug. The Chobi Kelim wall rug not only adds a stylish look to your home, but is also a creative way to show off your own individual style. The Chobi Kilim wall rug is perfect for any style, be it classic, modern or even bohemian. Its unique look and the use of high quality materials ensure that the rug will be with you for a lifetime. By using a wall rug, you can give your home a unique and personal touch that will charm all your guests. Chobi Kelim rug is a real stylish solution to decorate your interior. If you are looking for unique, quality and durable Kelim, the Chobi Kelim rug is the perfect choice. This rug is not only an excellent solution for decorating your interior, but also an investment that will give you pleasure for many years. Browse CarpetDepo Budapest Carpet Shop and discover the unique world of hand-woven rugs from Afghanistan!


We hope that the hand woven wool Kelim rug you buy from us will give you satisfaction and make you happy to use them!

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627product 136
Product status
29 € - 1 309 €
Length (cm)
79 - 686
Width (cm)
57 - 302
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