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Machine made Carpets

Are you specifically looking for cheap carpets? Machine made carpet in modern and classic oriental designs, View our carpet shop collection and order online from our carpet warehouse.

Machine made carpets are a combination of tradition and modernity

Although the mention of Persian carpets brings to most people's minds beautiful hand knotted carpets with a long tradition and deep roots - including the wonderful Afghan or Iranian carpet - the equally beautiful and high quality machine made Persian carpet is also very popular, and is represented in our online carpet shop with a large selection. Available in several sizes and colours, whether you want a carpet for your living room or bedroom. The advantage of machine made carpet is that the price is significantly cheaper compared to hand knotted carpet, in return the durability is slightly lower, although this difference is not significant as the quality of Iranian machine made Persian carpets made of acrylic is outstanding. Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other minor dirt, but for more heavy stains a carpet cleaning service is recommended. Machine made carpets are not too sensitive to chemical cleaning and do not lose their colour.

Machine made carpet for the living room

Machine made carpets may also be an ideal choice

The mass production of Persian carpets has inevitably triggered the industrial manufacturing process. Instead of laborious manual knotting, machines fit the fibres into place with pinpoint precision. Although we cannot associate an artisanal value with machine made carpets, in some cases they are a more affordable choice than traditional carpets. As our culture has become less and less about a family staying in the same home for generations, long-term planning has also taken a back seat. The constant turnover of properties means that we are surrounded by new carpets every time we move house. Therefore, we may not always find it worthwhile to buy an expensive and valuable hand knotted carpet. So the main argument in favour of machine made carpets is cost-effectiveness, while not compromising too much on quality. Nowadays, machine made carpets no longer look like imitations: they are extremely durable, timeless and retain the traditional oriental colours and patterns. The layman's eye does not even recognise the subtle differences between the two types of carpet: the machine made carpet's lines lack the unevenness of the human hand.

machine made carpet

Cleaning the machine made carpet

Machine made carpet cleaning works in the same way as any other carpet, but there are specific features to consider for longevity. The difference with machine made carpets is that you should wait 1-2 weeks before vacuuming. Use the vacuum cleaner on its lowest setting. Machine made carpets are stored rolled up in our carpet warehouse, so they may be wavy when first used. Although this may only affect the aesthetic appearance for a short time. The waves in the carpet will disappear with use, and then you are allowed to vacuum it. If you want the waves to disappear more quickly, roll it up on the opposite side. If dirt gets on the machine made carpet, do not wait for it to dry, you can remove it from the machine made carpet with a slightly damp cloth. If you want a major cleaning, you should leave it to carpet cleaning companies. The material of the machine made carpet means you don't have to worry about moths. Machine-woven carpet will be damaged if you put too heavy furniture on it but this is true for all carpets.

Machine-made carpets are stored rolled up in our carpet warehouse, so they may be wavy when unpacked. However, this may only affect the aesthetic appearance for a short period of time. The ripples in the carpet will disappear with use and you can vacuum the carpet afterwards. If you want the ripples to disappear more quickly, roll the carpet on the opposite side.

machine made carpets warehouse


Machine made carpet for the living room or bedroom

Your living room or bedroom plays a very important role in your daily life. Most people spend a lot of time in their living room, so it is natural to want a comfortable environment and stylish furnishings. A machine made carpet is one of the furnishing items that can be used to provide the right comfort and contribute to the style of the living room or bedroom. In recent years, the use of machine made carpets has become increasingly popular. Machine made carpets are much faster and cheaper to produce than hand knotted carpets. The advantage of machine made carpet is also its low price, which makes it more attractive for many people to buy. Machine made carpets are available in a variety of materials. The standard machine carpet is made of polyester while the premium machine carpet is made of acrylic. In terms of price, you have several options for choosing a living room or bedroom carpet. Modern carpet is characterized by geometric patterns and minimalist design, which makes it the ideal choice for modern architectural style. Modern carpets have a wide range of uses, whether in the living room or bedroom, but they also make a great addition to an office. The classic carpet is an imitation of the original Persian carpet. These carpets have traditional motifs and often complement classic architectural styles. For homes with a classic style, classic machine made Persian carpets are a perfect match.

Who do we recommend machine-made carpets for?

Machine-made carpets are popular mainly because of their affordable prices. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a carpet right now, a machine made carpet can be the perfect choice for value for money. A cheap polyester carpet can be as beautiful an addition to your home as a more expensive piece. Furthermore, if you are looking for carpet for an apartment that you are renting out, we would also recommend buying a polyester machine-made carpet. We would not think that the tenant would more appreciate and take care of a more valuable carpet. For offices or catering establishments where there are a lot of people moving around and especially in street shoes, a machine-made carpet is a good choice. Of course, this does not mean that polyester machine-made carpets are not of the right quality, because if they were, we would not sell them and we would not offer a 1-year guarantee. Machine made carpets combine affordability with practicality and style.

Discover the perfect blend of tradition and modernity in our collection of machine made carpets! Find living room or bedroom carpets in multiple sizes and colours. Order from CarpetDepo's international carpet shop's warehouse stock, 3-5 working day delivery guaranteed.