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Kelim rugs

Handwoven Kelim rugs at discount prices directly from our rug warehouse. If you want to buy Kelim rug at an affordable price, check out our range of woven rugs and order online from our Kelim Shop.

The origin and weaving of Kelim

Handwoven Kelim rug is found in many cultures and is hugely popular worldwide. Kelim is a thin rug that is made by a special weaving technique. Kelim, with its eye-catching designs and motifs, sometimes goes back thousands of years and represents values such as motherhood or good luck. Kelim rugs are typically made from sheep's wool, goatskin or camel hair, and natural plant materials are used for dyeing. It can be used in multiple rooms, either as a living room carpet, runner carpet or kitchen carpet. As it weighs up to 1.4kg/nm, it can easily be hung on walls as a wall rug. Available in eye-catching colours and patterns, kelim rugs are available in a variety of styles. The most popular Kelim is the Afghan Chobi Kelim, followed by the Indian Kelim. Their popularity is mainly due to their bright, cheerful colours. While Maymana kelim is darker in colour but looks extremely beautiful on a wall or light floor. Check out our range of hundreds of Kelim rugs, available from our warehouse, with extremely fast delivery for you and your family. We wish you a pleasant browse through our Kelim rugs. Once you have found your favourite, feel free to order it, if it doesn't match your room CarpetDepo will arrange the return delivery.

Kelim or Kilim?

Both names, Kelim or Kilim, refer to the same type of woven rug. The different names and spellings may vary from country to country and language to language. This is not uncommon for carpets, as the Ziegler oriental carpet was originally known as the Chobi carpet, while later it was renamed Ziegler carpet by western carpet traders. So it is not surprising that carpet dealers in different countries spell the name Kilim or Kelim rug differently. It is important to note that there is no difference between Kilim or Kelim rug. Kilim rugs are mainly produced in Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran and Central Asia. These rugs are made using a weaving technique that produces a thin, lightweight, double-sided carpet. Kelim rugs do not have a knotted surface. The patterns and colour combinations of Kilim reflect cultural and artistic traditions, capturing the heritage and traditions of the countries where the rugs are woven. Kilim is hardwearing and easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to their versatility and light weight, Kilim are perfect for use as wall rugs, tablecloths, cushion covers or even as bag covers. In recent years, Kilim rugs have become immensely popular in the interior design sector. Their vibrant colours and bold patterns can add elegance and warmth to homes. Whether Kilim or Kelim, these woven rugs are precious and timeless.

Afghan Kelim rugs made of wool

Hand-woven kelim rugs, found in many cultures and popular worldwide. Afghan Kelim rug is typically made from wool and natural materials are used for dyeing. The varied colour palette of hand-woven kelim rug is suitable for any room, whether in hallways as a runner rug, or as a living room rug or kitchen rug. We also sell several types of kelim. One of the best known and most popular is the Chobi kelim rug. Because of its bright colours and varied patterns, it will brighten up the atmosphere of your room. Maymanah Kelim rug is more unique because of its darker colours. It is also often used as a wall rug. Indian Kelim rug is full of cheerfulness and good mood. It will brighten up even the darkest room. Check out our range of kelim rugs, of which we have a huge stock. You can enjoy your chosen rug within days thanks to our lightning fast delivery. 

Indian cotton kelim

Colourful kelim rugs from India. These brightly coloured kelim rugs are woven with a special technique, so Indian kelim rugs are made faster than traditional kelims. As the large Indian factories specialise in mass production, Indian kelim rugs are woven by hand and with machine assistance. The Indian kelim pattern is modern and consists of many playful colours. They are very popular, mainly because they match perfectly in most homes. They are used as home decor either hung on the wall, as wall rugs. They are also available in sizes for corridors.  Its cheerful colours can give your home a unique atmosphere. Indian modern kelim rugs are extremely bright in colour and will not fade when cleaned. They can also be used in homes with underfloor heating

Cleaning instructions for Kilim rugs

Cleaning Kilim rugs does not require excessive expertise. Minor dirt can be easily removed with a slightly damp cloth or with a store-bought carpet cleaning foam suitable for cleaning wool rugs. However, if there is more serious dirt, it is recommended to consult a professional to clean it. Kilim rugs should be cleaned on the lowest setting of the vacuum cleaner, as the weave does not retain dust particles. Many people have the old custom of suspending the Kilim rug and hitting it with a dedusting stick to get rid of the dust. But this is a misconception! This method can damage hand woven Kilim rug, indeed any carpet.

Create a special atmosphere in your home with Kilim or Kelim rugs and order from our rug warehouse with discounted delivery conditions!