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07/07/2021 19:15
Guide to using carpets

Guide to using hand-knotted carpets

It must be very expensive !!!

One of our dear customers remarked, but we know it comes up in everyone, seeing a nice rug that is “definitely very expensive”.

Description of Ziegler carpets

Country of origin Afghanistan. It is a relatively young type of carpet, manufactured since the 90s. In Afghanistan, it was named Chobi because of its colouration.

Machine made carpets by acrylic

It has similar properties to wool. On the other hand, the moth does not damage the acrylic machine knotted carpet, which is also an advantage in terms of use.

Making hand-knotted carpets traditionally

There is no doubt that hand-knotted carpets are the most valuable.

Curiosity: what you should know about Persian carpets

A brief overview of Persian rugs.

The secret to the success of our business

The secret to the success of our business: the cohesive power of the family and hand-knotted rugs!

07/07/2020 11:47
December sale!

As every year, we traditionally hold our December promotion this year.

Exotic details in the apartment with oriental carpets

The carpet is a basic piece of interior design, soft, warm, defines the style of the room with its colours and patterns. Without carpets, the floor is bare and cold, without them, the apartment will feel less homely.

07/07/2020 11:39
Belzsik Carpets

They are made in northern Afghanistan, an area of Turkmen nationality inhabited by townspeople and villagers.

07/07/2020 11:20

Khal Mohammadi rugs are unique due to their colour combination.

06/07/2020 14:27
Patchwork Carpet

Patchwork rug: a path from tradition to modernity

The tradition of carpet-making is inseparable from Eastern cultural history: its roots can be traced back to the nomadic way of life. The appearance of the European, settled lifestyle and seating furniture was not conducive to the development of folk tradition here, as initially, it was all about creating the living conditions. The carpet was not a necessity, but rather a relic, a status symbol, indicating social rank and nobility.

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