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My carpet shopping story!

My carpet shopping story!

The story of my "carpet purchase"!

"As a carpet dealer, I admit that I have often stood next to customers who had difficulty deciding between two carpets. I felt that if I were in their shoes, I could quickly decide which carpet I liked. What could be easier. And so the years went by, until one day we started renovating our home. Once our renovation was done, we thought we'd change our carpets too. New style and colour added to our home, and the old carpets didn't match the new rooms. But now my wife and I were in the shoes of the buyers, who had to decide which carpet would match their living room, which type of carpet to put in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the kids' room, in the corridor, ..... For me, it was no big excitement, because I thought I knew my rugs. Of course, I could see the excitement and the indecision in my wife's eyes that I usually see in our customers' eyes when they come into our warehouse. We chose the rugs in the warehouse and took them home. (Yes, I made my decision quickly, but the Ladies....). The colours of our first choice did not match the intended room. Put it back in the car, took it back to the warehouse. The patterns of our second choice did not match. Put back in the car, take back to the warehouse. But always found out on the spot that it didn't match so well where it was intended. There was a carpet that was beautiful at first, but the next day we realised that it didn't match the room. As a carpet dealer, I say feel free to order a carpet for your own home and if it doesn't match the room, we'll arrange the return shipping. Don't be embarrassed if the carpet doesn't match to your home, and you send it back, because I now understand the difficulties of carpet shopping. Of course, you can ask us for more photos of the carpet. We will be happy to send you some. But you are also very welcome to visit us in person at our carpet warehouse in Budapest. We hope you will visit our beautiful city one day. And yes, our story also had a happy ending, we finally succeeded in choosing the carpets that best matched our rooms. Our home is cosy again."

We wish you a pleasant browsing on our carpet warehouse website!

Yours sincerely

Zaman Fawad

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