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Kazakh wool carpets

Kazakh oriental carpets from warehouse, with fast delivery. See our Carpet Shop collection. Carpetdepo provides free delivery and return.

Making the Kazakh wool carpet

Kazakh handmade carpet made with natural vegetable dyes. This wool carpet from the Caucasus region is very popular. It's no coincidence, as its beautiful colours are perfect for most homes. The knotting technique is Gheordes, which means double knotting. Thanks to this technique, the carpet is made more slowly but will be much more durable. Because each knot is tied twice. After the Kazakh carpet is made, it is washed four times on stone, like other oriental carpets. This is done to achieve the final colour, which remains durable. Washing the carpet on stones gives the colour a bright appearance. The washing is followed by drying, which also does not involve the use of machines, but is simply laid out in the sun and left to dry. This is how the Kazakh wool carpet becomes 100% hand-knotted. It is also recommended for underfloor heating homes. Contains no allergenic substances.

  • Manufacture: handmade carpet
  • Knots: approx.160 000 knots / m2
  • Place of origin: Afghanistan
  • Knotted part material: 100 % wool
  • Warp yarn material: 100 % cotton
  • Thickness: approx. 7 mm

Origin of Kazakh carpet

As Afghanistan has close links with certain countries of the former Soviet Union, especially in the Caucasus region (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan), the designs are inspired by Russian geometric patterns. The wool and dyes used are from Afghanistan. Kazakh wool carpet is made in Afghanistan or in the Afghan-inhabited areas of Pakistan. With their variety, they give a unique atmosphere to your home as a living room rug, runner rug or bedroom rug.

Cleaning Kazakh oriental carpet

Like all hand-knotted oriental rugs, this one too must be vacuumed in the direction of the thread. You can clean small stains yourself with a slightly damp cloth. For very dirty areas, we recommend a professional carpet cleaning company. As wool carpet, its biggest enemy is the moth. So it is worth moving the carpet occasionally, especially in summer. Or occasionally sprinkle lavender under the carpet. Of course, there are also moth killers available in shops. You can use them by spraying all areas of the house and keeping the door and window closed all day. At the end of the day, the apartment should be well aired out. It is important not to stay indoors because moth killers can be harmful to humans. This will keep your home free of moths for a long time, and not only the carpet but other textiles will be safe from moths.

We hope that the handmade wool carpet you buy from us will give you satisfaction and make you happy to use it!

47product 136
47product 136
Product status
190.24 € - 4 736.34 €
Length (cm)
121 - 553
Width (cm)
78 - 424
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