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Exclusive handmade carpets

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Handmade exclusive oriental carpets, Persian carpets, Iranian carpets. Look around our carpet shop and choose a beautiful bedroom carpet, living room carpet. Exclusive carpets are premium quality in every aspect. Whether it's the colour, the pattern or the craftsmanship, the exclusive carpet category knows no compromise, and the highest standards are set in both the use of materials and the workmanship. Iranian carpets, Ziegler carpets, Belgique carpets and silk carpets, which also occupy a prominent place among Persian carpets, will make any home look sophisticated. With their varied colours and patterns, they add a special touch to your home as living room carpets, runner carpets, bedroom carpets, hallway carpets. In addition, to use in homes, we often receive orders from private medical practices, VIP clubs, law firms and top executives. Exclusive handmade Persian carpets are often seen as a status symbol due to their quality, sophistication and value.

What makes exclusive Persian carpets more expensive?

The quality is mainly due to the wool. The finer the wool, the more densely knotted the carpet. The density of the knots depends on the number of knots per square metre. An average oriental carpet has between 100,000 and 300,000 knots per square metre. Exclusive carpets start from 400,000 knots per square metre. For silk carpets, it starts from 1 million knots/nm. The designs of fine knotted carpets are more elaborate. Each design appears more detailed. The feel is also different. The detail is visible on the back of the carpet. The smaller the knot, the more elaborate and exclusive the carpet. Of course, this is only true for handmade carpets.

What makes a wool carpet denser?

The delicacy of the wool is evident in the sheep shearing.. The part of the sheep's wool that has been in contact with the outside world is the smooth wool. The lower part that is not in contact with the outside world is the fine wool from which exclusive carpets are made. These wools are much more expensive. The best wool is Belgian Merinus wool.

Have a look at our exclusive carpets and place your order from the comfort of your home in our carpet shop! If it doesn't match your room, CarpetDepo will arrange return delivery free of charge.