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Design Carpets Patchwork / Vintage

Patchwork carpet / vintage carpets are mainly made from pieces of Persian carpet, usually assembled from remnants of used wool carpet from around 30-35 years old, undergoing a special process in which the wool carpet is fully sanded, dyed and finally cut into different pieces. The best pieces of carpet are then combined by skilled designers to create the best possible patchwork patterns, bringing together carpets from different eras to create a new whole. Showcased in homes as living room carpets, hallway carpets. The Patchwork carpet / Vintage carpet is made of premium quality wool, mother of colourfast and extremely durable. When cleaning, there is no need to fear fading, but the instructions on the label should be followed exactly. For wet cleaning, we recommend a washing machine specialising in carpets!

Manufacture: hand made carpet
Knot count: approx. 160 000 knots/m2
Place of origin: Iran
Knotted part material: 100 % wool
Warp yarn material: 100 % cotton
Thickness: approx. 6-8 mm

We hope that you will be satisfied with the hand-knotted carpet you buy from us and that you will enjoy using it!

55product 136
55product 136
Product status
52.62 € - 669.14 €
Length (cm)
140 - 310
Width (cm)
70 - 205