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Ziegler carpet 77x298 handmade oriental runner carpet
Ziegler carpet 77x298 handmade oriental runner carpet
RRP 1 722 

Ziegler carpet 77x298 handmade oriental runner carpet

Ziegler carpet 77x298 handmade oriental runner carpet
Ziegler carpet 77x298 handmade oriental runner carpet
Ziegler carpet 77x298 handmade oriental runner carpet

If you're a fan of handmade oriental carpets, you've probably heard about the Ziegler carpet. Ziegler carpets are the top of the Afghan handmade nomadic carpets, captivating customers with their elegance. A well-known brand in the Oriental carpet market, Ziegler carpet is one of the most popular products in our carpet warehouse, any of which can be the perfect choice for decorating your home. The popularity of the Ziegler handmade carpet is due to the variety of bright colours that are derived from certain trees. Ziegler Oriental carpets are a symbol of elegance and durability. Ziegler carpets are one of the most suitable handmade carpets for busy living areas. These carpets are extremely hardwearing and long-lasting, so you can be sure that they will decorate your home for many years to come. The Ziegler Oriental carpet is special in that it has uniquely beautiful patterns and colours that will catch everyone's eye. After the carpet is made, it is washed four times and then dried in the sun. Its pattern is inspired by antique carpet designs, often in light shades. Ziegler carpets are highly sought after as they are perfect for any interior, whether modern or classic. Ziegler runner carpet will brighten up even the darkest hallways. The knotted section of the carpet is made from 100% Ghazni wool. The city of Ghazni in Afghanistan has large pastures, so the sheep raised here have high quality wool. The Ziegler handmade carpet is easy to clean and can be vacuumed immediately. The carpet can also be installed in rooms with underfloor heating. The Ziegler carpet can add a touch of elegance to your home, be it in the living room, bedroom or even the hallway. Before you buy, make sure that the size of the carpet matches the size of the room. The pattern and colour of the carpet can only be seen live to see if it matches the intended room. If you are not satisfied with your choice, don't worry, we offer free returns.

Order online from our carpet warehouse. If you don't like it, CarpetDepo will take care of the return.

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  • Manufacture: Handmade
  • Knot density: approx. 180.000 knots/m2
  • Place of origin: Afghanistan
  • Knot material: 100% wool
  • Warp yarn material: 100% cotton
  • Thickness: approx. 8-9 mm
  • Weight: 3 kg/m²
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RRP 1 722 
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Video of the Ziegler carpet


About Ziegler carpet

Ziegler carpet is very popular, its colours being made from various trees. Once Ziegler carpet is made, it is washed four times and dried in the sun. Their designs are based on antique carpets and are often light in colour. They are a highly sought-after oriental carpet, mainly because they are excellent for most homes, whether minimalist or classic in décor. The knotted section of the Ziegler carpet is made from 100% Ghazni wool. They are easy to care for and do not lint. Many people believe that the thicker the Persian carpet, the better and more durable it is. Durability depends on the knotting technique and the quality of the material used. Most of cases, long fibre carpet is less durable because the vacuum cleaner can easily sucks up in the knotted fibres. It adds elegance either as a living room or bedroom carpet. As a durable carpet, it can also be used under the dining table. We also have several lengths of Ziegler runner carpets in stock.


Ziegler carpet making

How to clean a Ziegler carpet

Ziegler carpet is an excellent choice for any home. In addition to its hard-wearing properties, it gives your room an elegant look. However, there are a few basic rules to follow to ensure a long life. Firstly, avoid placing heavy and thin-legged furniture on the carpet, as these can easily tear through it.

Caring for Ziegler carpet

Second, move the carpet occasionally, especially in the warmer months, to avoid moths breeding under the carpet. When cleaning the carpet, always use the lowest setting on the vacuum cleaner and always move in the direction of the fibres. If dirt does get on the carpet, try to remove it with a damp cloth before it dries. For heavier soiling, we recommend using a carpet cleaning foam, but only one that is specifically designed for cleaning wool carpets. Of course, it is best to leave the more serious cleaning to a professional.


Video on how to clean oriental carpets


What should I do if the carpet doesn't match my room?

We've all ordered a product online and when it arrives, only to find that it doesn't match the room. Don't worry, Carpetdepo will immediately arrange a free return shipment. Before you buy a carpet, we recommend that you measure the size of the room and make sure that the size of the carpet will be right. The pattern and colour of the carpet can only really be seen live, and only then can you be sure that it will match the room.. However, if you're not happy with your choice, you don't have to worry because at CarpetDepo you have the option of free return.

Ziegler carpet for living room

We hope that you will be happy with your Ziegler handmade carpet you buy from us and that you will enjoy using it.

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