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Berjesta wool carpets

Handmade oriental carpet in different colours and sizes. Living room carpet at affordable prices. Order a wool carpet from our carpet shop with fast delivery. This type of oriental carpet is a modern and new variety, used in Afghanistan, in urban and rural areas, knotted and woven blends. It gives a unique atmosphere to your home with its varied motifs and colours. This wool carpet is washed four times and sun dried after making and shearing, and is also colourfast.
Many people believe that the thicker and more dense the wool, the better and more durable it is. Thickness is a matter of shearing. Durability is a result of the density of the knotting and the quality of the fabric associated with it. Berjesta carpet gives a homely feel to a room, whether as a living room carpet, runner carpet, bedroom carpet, hallway carpet.

Manufacture: Hand made carpet
Knot count: approx. 250 000 knots/m2
Place of origin: Afghanistan
Knotted part material: 100% wool
Warp yarn material: 100 % cotton
Thickness: approx. 8-10 mm

We hope that you will be satisfied with the hand made wool carpet you buy from us and that you will enjoy using it!

2product 12
633 € - 1 033 €
Length (cm)
271 - 290
Width (cm)
172 - 194