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About us

Since the early 1990s Bakhtar Ltd. has been trading in Hungary with handmade carpets and hand woven carpets, also known as kelims, produced in the East. We are represented in the main carpet producing countries like Afghanistan (Aqcha, Mazar-e Shariff), Pakistan (Lahore, Peshawar), Iran (Tehran, Mashad) and India (Delhi). 

We control every aspect of the carpet making process to ensure the highest quality. Authenticity is important in the trade. Our company and premises have remained unchanged since 1993, so we can offer a guarantee on our carpets.  

The carpets are colourfast, washed and sun dried. Quality control is when a randomly selected carpet is laid out in the public square and left for people to step on all day. If the carpet has withstood the end of the day with no or slight damage, then the quality is OK. This process is done every six months.

The popular belief is that if an oriental carpet is thick, it must be of better quality. This is of course wrong, as the thickness of the carpet is only a matter of shearing. In fact, the longer the fibre, the easier it is for the vacuum cleaner to suck it up and damage the carpet.

The quality of the carpet and the knot density are always determined from the back of the carpet. The smaller and denser the knot, the more valuable the oriental carpet. Of course, the material quality of the knots also matters, both for wool carpets and silk carpets. Wool quality starts with the right pasture where the sheep graze.  The lambswool can be divided into two parts, the first, which is in contact with the outside world, is what most oriental carpets are made of. The other, which does not come into contact with the outside world, is used to make the densely knotted premium oriental carpets.

We have a permanent stock of carpets in our warehouse to ensure a constant supply for our customers and dealers. This allows us to deliver carpets quickly to the customer. We replenish our stock several times a year. This is important from a wholesale point of view so that our resellers can sell without disruption.  

We offer thousands of pieces of our stock to our dear customers on 2.000nm. Our carpets range in size from 0.5 sqm up to 30 sqm. We also accept orders for sizes over 30 sqm, but you will have to wait. All carpets come with detailed instructions for use and care. Our guarantee letter, together with the certificate of origin, guarantees excellent quality. In addition to all this, we also offer free advice. Since 2017, we have also been selling quality machine made Persian carpets. These machine made carpets are made of acrylic fibre and have the advantage of having similar properties to wool carpets. The advantage of polyester machine-made carpets is that they are cheap carpets. The hand made carpet lasts a lifetime. Durability is also true for our acrylic machine made carpets.
Since 2019 we have opened our online carpet shop where you can buy from us as a private individual!


Our company and our owner have received awards from the President of the Republic of Hungary, László Sólyom (2005-2010) and the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai (2004-2014), of which we are very proud.


The company was founded in 1993 by Dr Zaman Wahed, who comes from an Afghan carpet making town (Aqcha). He is the executive managing director and owner of the company.


Zaman Fawad Managing Director Owner


Ahmad Ziya Rahmani company warehouse manager


Deáki Márton Secretariat


Gróbe Dóra Secretariat

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