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Handmade oriental carpets

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The oriental carpet is a decoration of the home

Oriental handmade wool carpets, Persian carpets, Kelim carpets, rag rugs. View our products in our carpet shop and order conveniently online. Carpets from Middle and Far East cultures are called Oriental carpets. It is a broad umbrella term that encompasses many types, but the categories have some common features. Whether they are knotted Oriental carpets or handwoven Kelim carpets or rag rugs, their colours and motifs reflect their important role in local culture. Wool carpets - and of course wall rugs - are renowned for their high quality, so they will decorate homes for a long time. With their varied designs and colours, they give your home a unique atmosphere as living room carpets, runner carpets, bedroom carpets or hallway carpets. In our carpet catalogue, you will find products from well-known carpet making countries in different colours, sizes and designs.

The popularity of handmade carpets

Classic handmade oriental carpets owe their popularity to their fine workmanship, durable colouring and premium quality. They are also popular as a status symbol in medical practices, lawyers' offices, VIP clubrooms and executive offices, but especially as a highly aesthetic centrepiece for family houses. When cleaning handmade carpets, it is always advisable to hire a professional to clean the carpet, but for smaller dust particles, vacuum cleaning is easy. Persian carpets are the most ancient of home textiles, leading back to the traditions of Far Eastern cultures. Admiring a Persian rug with its colourful Floral or Geometric designs, you can imagine yourself wandering through the mountainous highlands of Asia Minor, Central Asia or even the Caucasus. The natural and climatic conditions of the region were not conducive to crop production, so livestock farming was the only viable option. The constant movement of grazing animals created the framework for a nomadic lifestyle, in which the craft of weaving carpets was organically embedded thanks to the supply of wool. Initially, the oriental carpet had primarily functional value: it protected against extreme weather changes, covered the entrance to tents, insulated and warmed as a blanket. It gradually transformed from a utilitarian object into a textile of artistic value bearing the hallmarks of oriental cultures, and with the spread of urban life, it became an irreversible home furnishing. As a symbol of social status and luxury, it first adorned the homes of the wealthy, but later conquered the world. Our wool carpets bring a special flair to the interior, decorating your home with oriental motifs and stylistic features. In addition to our handmade carpet and woven kelims, take a look at our range of quality acrylic machine made carpets!


Oriental carpet cleaning and vacuuming

The cleaning of oriental carpet at home is not a big task for minor dirt. A slightly damp cloth will remove most dirt. You can use commercially available carpet cleaning foam or sprays specifically designed for cleaning wool carpets. However, for more major cleaning, leave it to professional carpet cleaning companies. Oriental carpet can be vacuumed immediately, no need to wait weeks. Always vacuum in the direction of the fibre and on the lowest setting. The biggest enemy of oriental carpet is moths. Especially in summer, you should vacuum under the carpet occasionally. Avoid placing heavy furniture on the oriental carpet, especially if it has thin soles, as it can tear through the carpet.

Watch the video on how to clean your oriental carpet

The speciality of the oriental carpet

Oriental carpets not only cover the floor, they change the atmosphere of the whole room and define its style. The uniqueness of handmade oriental rugs is that they are individually made pieces, each one handmade. The Afghan Kelim rug is also handmade. And wool is the best raw material used in the weaving of all Chobi Kelim. The hand woven wool Kelim carpet can be laid in living room or even in the kitchen. The Pakistani rug is very elegant with geometric designs and bright colours. The Pakistani rug is often used as a bedroom rug because of its softness. And the exotic Iranian rug adds life and an oriental flair to homes, with a wide variety of styles and patterns available. The original function of the Afghan rug is to provide protection from the cold for nomads. It is therefore a very hard-wearing and durable nomad rug. The thick wool carpet is special in that its thickness and warmth make it very comfortable in homes. The solid coloured thick wool carpet gives a rustic feel to homes. The choice between handmade oriental rugs depends on taste and needs. If you want a home with a truly special and unique feel, you should choose from handmade carpets.