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Machine made Carpets

Looking for a cheap carpet? Machine made carpets in modern and classic designs, View our carpet catalogue and order online from our carpet warehouse.

Machine made carpets

Although when you think of oriental carpets, most people think of beautiful handmade carpets with a long history and deep-rooted traditions - including the magical Afghan carpet - the equally beautiful and high quality machine-made carpet is also very popular, and this type is also represented in our carpet webshop with a large selection. Available in several sizes: living room carpet, bedroom carpet, runner carpet, large carpet. The advantage of the machine-made Persian carpet is that the price is significantly lower compared to the hand-knotted carpet, in return the durability is slightly lower, although this difference is not significant, as the quality of our machine-made carpets is outstanding. They can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner for dust and other particulate dirt, and a carpet cleaning service is recommended for stains. Machine-made carpets are not too sensitive to chemical cleaning and do not lose their colour.

Machine made carpets can also be an ideal choice

The mass production of oriental carpets has inevitably triggered the industrial manufacturing process. Instead of laborious manual knotting, machines fit the fibres into place with pinpoint precision. Although we cannot associate an artisanal value with machine-made carpets, in some cases they are a more affordable choice than traditional carpets. As our culture has become less and less about a home staying in the same family for generations, long-term planning has also taken a back seat. The constant turnover of properties means that we are surrounded by new carpets every time we move house. Therefore, we may not always find it worthwhile to buy an expensive and valuable hand-knotted rug. So the main argument in favour of machine-made carpets is cost-effectiveness, while not compromising too much on quality. These days, industrial carpets no longer look like imitations: they are extremely durable, timeless and retain the traditional oriental colours and patterns. The layman's eye does not even recognise the subtle differences between the two types of carpet: the machine-made carpet's lines lack the unevenness of the human hand.

Have a look at our machine made carpets and order from our carpet warehouse!

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