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Silk carpets

The silk carpet is knotted in the holy city of Ghom and Kashmir. The material used is 100% silk, which makes them thin and tight. The silk carpet is extremely well crafted and in some cases very detailed. This type of Persian carpet shows a good tradition of knotting silk carpet and is one of the best and newly produced Persian carpets. The silk carpet is mainly used as bedroom carpet, living room carpet, but it is often used as wall carpet. Silk is also a status symbol today. The original silk is obtained from silkworms. Silk carpets have an incredibly soft, pleasant feel to them, and this and their durability are the reasons for their enormous popularity. It is not recommended to clean it at home, but rather to take it to specialist carpet cleaners. Dry dirt can be easily removed by vacuuming.

Knot density: from about 1.000.000 knots/m²
Thickness: ≈ 6 mm
Place of origin: Persia/Iran and Kashmir
Warp yarn: Silk
Manufacture: hand made carpet

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10product 110
611 € - 14 080 €
Length (cm)
78 - 283
Width (cm)
58 - 192