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Ziegler (premium) carpets

Fine knotted Ziegler carpet, for those who like exclusivity. View our Exclusive oriental rugs collection and order online. You have 30 days to decide if the carpet is right for you. Free shipping and returns!

Description of Ziegler fine knotted carpet

A beautifully patterned Ziegler Oriental rug in a stunning range of colours. Impeccable handmade carpet, quality wool use, long lifetime - these are the words that best describe the Ziegler wool carpet, which is part of the exclusive oriental carpet range. The antique effect only adds to the uniqueness of these pieces. Made from fine Ghazni wool. The part of lambswool that has not been in contact with the outside world is called fine wool. It gives a real elegance as a living room rug. As a bedroom rug, it fills the room with emotion.  As a complementary carpet or for corridors, you can also find a runner carpet. In Europe, this type of oriental carpet has a completely different name, it is called Ziegler in German, and it has become the most popular. Unfortunately, those who are not familiar with oriental carpets often do not even recognise them. Just because a wool carpet is made in Pakistan does not make it so - just think of the brands of famous sportswear. About 50% of Ziegler wool carpets are made in Pakistan, but they are Afghan carpets because they are knotted by Afghans living in Pakistan. The meaning of Ziegler or Chobi in Farsi is Chob=wood, meaning carpet made of wood. The brown colour comes from the nutshell, the burgundy colour is made from pomegranate shells and the black colour is obtained from carbon. The origin of Ziegler carpet is Afghanistan. So Ziegler carpet is nothing else than within the oriental carpet category - a type of Afghan wool carpet. 

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28product 128
443 € - 13 348 €
Length (cm)
107 - 397
Width (cm)
72 - 291