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Kitchen carpets

If you're looking for a rug for your kitchen, take a look at our kitchen rugs. Order carpets from our warehouse with fast delivery, if the carpet doesn't match your kitchen Carpetdepo will arrange return delivery free of charge.

Which carpet is recommended for your kitchen?

In the kitchen carpet category, we have selected mainly products that are easy to clean and affordable for everyone. You should not buy expensive luxury carpets for your kitchen. Instead, we recommend cheap carpets. Every home has a kitchen, but not every kitchen has a carpet. Many people think that it's easier to clean a floor if they spill food on it (Yes, we know, this happens especially when men cook). But how about a carpet that's easy to remove dirt from and even decorates the kitchen? Let's admit it, most rooms with bare floors don't give a homely feel. It's much more comfortable to walk on a carpet than on a cold, hard floor. Most kitchens are narrow but long. For these, a runner carpet is ideal.

The kitchen carpet should be washable and cheap

Indian kilim is washable, our other kitchen carpets are easy to clean and vacuum clean. We recommend these for your kitchen. Removing food stains can be done with a damp cloth. In most cases, the kitchen is the ladies' territory, so they also choose the rugs. Men don't even notice whether there is a carpet or not in the kitchen (the exception that proves the rule). Of course, the cheapest way is to put a floor mat in the kitchen, but the disadvantage is that sooner or later it will have dirt on it that cannot be cleaned even with a machine. Therefore, it is worth buying a cheap carpet that can be sent to a carpet cleaning company for cleaning in case of bigger dirt. You can remove most of the dirt yourself with carpet cleaning foam available in shops. For many kitchens a 60x240 carpet or for smaller kitchens a 100x150 carpet is ideal. These are called runner rugs. In our collection, you will find many rugs close to 60x200 or 100x150.


Dear Ladies, we wish you good browsing of our kitchen rug collection, we hope you will find the ideal rug for your kitchen, so you can cook delicious food with pleasure.

167product 136
167product 136
21 € - 302 €
Length (cm)
77 - 300
Width (cm)
60 - 250