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By Rooms

What are the criteria for choosing a carpet for a room?

Every room has a different mood, so the carpet should be chosen to match the predominant colours and the flow of the room. A Ziegler carpet can be used in any living room or even a dining room, while a silk carpet is best used in the bedroom. All our carpets are durable, colourfast and can be vacuum cleaned. The great advantage of hand-knotted oriental carpets over machine-made carpets is that they can be repaired, as they are man-made.

If you buy a machine-made carpet made of polyester at a low price, you should expect that in a few years the carpet will be disposable, as it contains a high amount of chemicals. Polyester machine made carpet is recommended for those who plan to use the carpet for a short period of time. (That's our honest opinion!) If you are looking for the mid-price and value category then we recommend our Persian machine made Persian carpets made from acrylic. They are more expensive than your average machine-made carpet, but cheaper than a hand-knotted Persian carpet. Acrylic is a similar material to wool, resistant to heat. It also feels different to the touch than a traditional machine-made carpet. It contains nearly 1 million knots. Classic Persian carpet with patterns. These are highly recommended as living room carpets, bedroom carpets.

For those who want their carpet to last a lifetime, and perhaps even increase in price over time, we recommend hand knotted oriental carpet. You've probably come across an oriental carpet lying around in your grandparents' attic, which can be hung or sold after a clean. We know hand-knotted carpets have a higher price, but they also have a higher value. Don't forget after you buy a carpet that your carpet has been made by professionals for months to decorate your home. That's why you should appreciate oriental hand-knotted carpets and hand woven kelims.