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Bedroom Carpets

Looking for carpet for your bedroom? Check out the bedroom carpets in this category. Order online from the comfort of your home. Don't worry, if the rug doesn't match your bedroom, Carpetdepo will arrange the return delivery, which is free of charge.

How to choose a bedroom carpet?

Bedroom carpets are usually chosen by Ladies. Men, only if they are in love or already married. We've often thought that our warehouse needs a "Men's Room" with a pool table and beer tap, while the ladies choose. The bedroom is an intimate space where we rarely let anyone in except our partner. The bedroom is full of emotion and calm. Everything is there for our relaxation and comfort. When we get out of bed barefoot in the morning, it feels good to step onto a soft carpet. For your bedroom, buy a set of carpets. Buying a handmade carpet in a set is no easy task. Because each handmade carpet is unique, you will only find carpets that are close to each other. With machine made carpets, the placement is different. You may find several perfectly identical carpets. It is definitely a good idea to place a carpet next to a bed. In a bedroom, everyone chooses the bed first, then the wardrobe, so the carpet should match. In modern bedrooms, where there are fewer colours, a modern carpet is a good idea. A beautiful classic carpet, on the other hand, will add a touch of emotion to your bedroom.

Bedroom carpet selection for the perfect comfort and style

Choosing a bedroom carpet is the key to creating an intimate and comfortable bedroom. The right carpet not only adds aesthetic appeal, but also brings comfort and warmth to your bedroom. Comfort is a primary consideration when choosing a bedroom carpet, as this is where you will spend the first and last moments of your day. It is more important to choose a style that should match the bedroom. The size of the bedroom carpet should match the size of the bed first and the size of the bedroom second. The bed is the central element of the bedroom. Decorators usually measure the length of the carpet to the length or width of the bed. The width of the carpet is chosen according to the distance between the bed and the wall. So they mainly place the carpet around the bed. You should not also put a carpet under the bed, because on the one hand, the part of the carpet that goes under the bed is an unnecessary part, and on the other hand, the bed can damage the carpet. A well chosen bedroom carpet will not only improve the look of the room, but also the temperature.


bedroom carpet


Fine quality carpet in the bedroom

Since we mostly walk barefoot on carpets, it is important that they are soft to the touch. This is why not many people put Kilim carpets in their bedrooms. Of course, that's not to say we don't recommend it. Because it's a room where we hardly ever wear shoes and the traffic in the room is low, feel free to lay either a silk carpet or an exclusive carpet. Of course, it depends on your budget. For bedroom carpets, we also recommend our affordable Persian carpets made of acrylic. The quality, the feel and the elaboration of the motifs are much better than a traditional machine-made carpet. Hand-knotted Pakistani carpets are also an excellent choice for the bedroom, as they are made from fine wool and are very soft to the touch. Pakistani carpets can even be used in modern bedrooms as they are mainly geometric in pattern. If you want something different from the traditional, we recommend round carpets. Shawal Oriental carpets, which are a combination of classic and modern motifs, are also suitable for modern bedrooms. Don't miss the Ziegler carpet. Premium, fine knotted carpet in high-quality wool or traditional knotted Ziegler carpet. You can find both in the bedroom carpets category.

We wish you a pleasant time browsing our bedroom carpets. We hope you find the most beautiful carpet for you. Order online and view the carpet in your own bedroom.

1520product 136
1520product 136
11 € - 11 139 €
Length (cm)
74 - 469
Width (cm)
47 - 206