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Corridor Carpet

Looking for a carpet to corridor? Have a look at our carpet shop selection and order easily online. Don't worry if the carpet doesn't match your hallway, Carpetdepo will take care of the return delivery, free of charge.

Corridor carpet style and function

The long carpet that is placed in the corridor of a home is called a runner carpet. Every house has a corridor or hallway that is worth decorating, because this is where we move around the most and this is the first room that guests see. Of course, you can not only put the long carpet in the hallway, you can also use it as an complementary carpet. In bedrooms you can also place a rug on either side of the bed. In living rooms it looks beautiful in front of furniture or a fireplace. It can also be used as a complement to a large carpet in your living room, but make sure it matches the colour and pattern style of the large carpet. The imagination of interior designers is limitless, but you can easily find a long rug for your hallway yourself.


runner carpet


What type of carpet would suit your hallway or entrance hall?

It largely depends on the type of carpets in the rooms that open off the hallway. How well the hallway rug should match the living room carpet or even the bedroom carpet. Natural light is also important. You can not put a dark coloured carpet in a dark corridor or hallway because it will only make the room look gloomy and dark and lose its cosy atmosphere. If there is enough sunlight, you can even use a darker carpet, because the sun will lighten the carpet. It depends on which direction you are laying the oriental carpet. As the wool fibres lie, i.e. in the direction of the fibre, you will see the lighter side of the handmade rug. Opposite the direction of the fibre, you see the darker side of the oriental rug. You can try this at home with your own oriental rug. If you are not familiar with the world of handmade carpets, you will be surprised. However, this is not the case with woven Kilim rugs, as they are woven and not knotted, so there is no fibre direction. Since Chobi Kilim is mainly light in colour, it can create a cheerful atmosphere in darker corridors or hallways.

Features of the ideal corridor carpet

Choosing the ideal corridor carpet is a key step in any home's decor. The hallway is not just a passageway between different rooms; it is a defining part of our living space, creating a first impression on our guests and reflecting the style of our home. The size of the ideal hallway carpet is closely related to the length and width of the hallway. A well-chosen carpet will blend harmoniously into the space, accentuate its form and can also visually add to the spaciousness of the hallway. It is important that the carpet is neither too short nor too long; it should fit harmoniously into the space available. Many people try to buy one piece of carpet of the right length for the hallway, but it is not uncommon to find two pieces of carpet of similar size, colour and pattern. In this case, the task is easier with machine-made carpets, but more difficult with hand-made carpets. It's a good idea to place the corridor carpet in the middle of the space, so that it's the same distance from all the walls. It is particularly important to choose a durable material for corridor carpets. Due to frequent use and heavy traffic, it is advisable to choose a material that is easy to clean and hard-wearing. Wool carpets for hallways can be ideal as they are durable and easy to maintain. When choosing a hallway carpet, style and design are important considerations. The carpet should harmonise with the rest of your home, whether it is minimalist or classic. The choice of patterns and colours is almost endless; the important thing is that the carpet you choose reflects the personality and style of its inhabitants. A hallway rug is not only important for aesthetics, but also for functionality. Choose a carpet that reduces noise and also warms your space on colder days.

We hope you find the right corridor carpet in our carpet shop. Order your carpet online from the comfort of your home, if the carpet doesn't fit, CarpetDepo will take care of the return delivery.

330product 136
330product 136
24 € - 3 904 €
Length (cm)
85 - 977
Width (cm)
60 - 203