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Living Room Carpets

Living room carpets with discount in our carpet store. Choose between handmade carpets and machine-made carpets. Decorate your living room with a beautiful rug. Don't worry if you haven't bought the right carpet, CarpetDepo carpet store provides you free return service. So you can BUY RISK FREE, which you can read about here!

Living room carpet collection

In our living room carpet collection, we have tried to bring together for you some of our carpets that have been used by our customers or by our interior designers, mainly as a living room carpet. Of course, you can deviate from this and use them in other rooms. In this collection you will find mainly hardwearing oriental carpets and machine-made carpets for living rooms. These living room rugs are all easy to vacuum clean. For handmade carpets, you should also pay attention to the fibre direction. The direction of the fibre is the laying direction of the knots. Wool carpets are light in colour when viewed from one side and dark when viewed from the opposite side. It is worth taking this into account when laying a living room carpet. Also, carpets should only be vacuumed in the direction of the fibres. Of course, we do not recommend laying carpets in living rooms where shoes are worn, especially wet or muddy shoes. But we are aware that anyone who buys a beautiful carpet for their living room will take care of their carpet, not only because of the price, but because the purchased carpet is "love at first sight"...


Living room carpets


A practical guide to finding a living room rug

Choosing a living room carpet is an important and difficult decision. A well-chosen rug not only provides comfort, but also adds style and character to your home. Here's how interior designers and our customers choose and buy a living room rug. First, think about what style of living room carpet you want. Modern or oriental pattern? Or perhaps a solid colour? A thin woven rug or a thicker knotted one? A cost efficient machine-made carpet or a unique handmade rug? Your living room rug should match the style of your home and harmonise with your living room furniture, decor and other textiles. Remember that the living room carpet is the focal point of your living room, so it plays a key role in the overall look. The next step is to choose the size. Often the size of the living room rug depends on the size of the couch. Interior designers like to fill the area in front of the couch, which is usually where a coffee table is placed. This area is the centre of the living room. Care should be taken not to place a rug under the furniture. On the one hand, the full pattern of the carpet is not visible and on the other hand, heavy furniture can damage the carpet over time. The ideal size for a smaller living room rug is around 160x230. For larger living rooms, the ideal rug size is 250x350 or 300x400. The most commonly chosen living room carpet size is usually around 200x300. Measure everything carefully before making a decision. Your measurements should be minimum and maximum width and length. So what is the largest size of carpet that will still fit and what is the smallest size. Quality is also an important factor. The material of the living room carpet should be long lasting and hardwearing, because this is the place where we do most of our activities, receive guests. Living room carpet materials include wool, cotton or synthetic materials. Wool is famous for its durability and comfort, while synthetics are often cheaper. The exception is acrylic, which has similar properties to wool. The price of living room carpets ranges widely, depending on the material, size and uniqueness.


living room carpet


Placement of the rug in the living room

Choosing a living room rug is an important task, as the living room is usually the central part of our home where family members and guests spend time. Oriental rugs are very popular in living rooms, mainly because of their unique and distinctive patterns and materials. Before buying a carpet, it's a good idea to measure the length and width of your living room. It is not worth covering the whole room with carpet, as any parts that do not show through the furniture are unnecessarily paid for. This could be several square metres. Instead, buy 1 large living room carpet and matching smaller carpets. It is worth placing a rug in front of the sofa, on which a coffee table is placed. This would be the main living room rug, and the connecting rug would match. Care should be taken not to place a rug under larger cupboards, as the weight of the cupboard could damage it. You can even buy a runner carpet as a connecting carpet. Most of our customers are looking for a 200x300 rug for their living room. A connecting carpet measuring 100x150 or 80x120 is ideal. To create a comfortable and cosy interior, it is important to choose a carpet that is not only showy and pleasant to look at, but also durable and hard-wearing.


Browse our collection of living room carpets and if you need, you can also find a connecting carpet to match. Order a living room rug and try it out in your own living room. If it doesn't match your living room, the CarpetDepo carpet store will arrange the return delivery, which is free of charge for you.

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2176product 136
11 € - 20 335 €
Length (cm)
74 - 553
Width (cm)
47 - 424