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Tribal Kilim rug Adarskan 119x183 Nomadic Wall Carpet
Tribal Kilim rug Adarskan 119x183 Nomadic Wall Carpet

Tribal Kilim rug Adarskan 119x183 Nomadic Wall Carpet

Tribal Kilim rug Adarskan 119x183 Nomadic Wall Carpet
Tribal Kilim rug Adarskan 119x183 Nomadic Wall Carpet
Tribal Kilim rug Adarskan 119x183 Nomadic Wall Carpet
Tribal Kilim rug Adarskan 119x183 Nomadic Wall Carpet
Tribal Kilim rug Adarskan 119x183 Nomadic Wall Carpet
Tribal Kilim rug Adarskan 119x183 Nomadic Wall Carpet

The Afghan tribal kilim carpet reflects the cultural heritage of Afghanistan. These masterpieces evoke the traditions and art of nomadic tribes. With their stunning antique designs, they will make a real showpiece in your home, either spread on the floor or hung on the wall as a wall rug. Each piece of the hand-woven tribal kilim carpet is unique. Used as a wall carpet, a tribal kilim rug can be a real decorative feature on any wall in your home. Geometric patterns and animal motifs contribute to the unique atmosphere and warmth of your home. The Afghan nomadic rug tells the story of the tribes' way of life and their traditions. A tribal wall rug is not only a decorative object, but also a precious handicraft that brings Afghan tribal art and culture closer to you directly through the walls of your home. The tribal kilim carpet is made from high quality wool, which ensures durability and easy cleaning. This nomadic carpet is the perfect choice if you want to create a unique and stunning interior design for your home.


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Origin and features of the Afghan tribal Kilim carpet

Afghan tribal Kilim carpets produced in Afghanistan stand out among the hand-woven Kilim carpets. This unique nomadic rug making tradition has its roots in Afghanistan and reflects the rich cultural heritage of the nomadic tribes. Today, workshops in the city of Herat, Afghanistan, produce these masterpieces, also known as Herati Beluch rugs. The tribal Kilim carpet is a true masterpiece, made by local artisans and carpet weavers. The city of Herat is famous in Afghanistan for its traditional hand-made carpet weaving, which has a long and rich history dating back centuries. The people of Herat have remained faithful to the traditional carpet weaving technique even today. Timeless weaving techniques and knowledge passed down through generations meet in the making of tribal kilim. The distinctive qualities and decorations of the Afghan Kilim rug are impressive. They are dominated by geometric or animal designs that reflect traditional Afghan design and nomadic traditions. The tribal Kilim carpet is therefore not only captivating in its beauty, but also in its rich cultural heritage.


Enhance the ambience of your walls with a beautiful tribal Kilim wall rug

If you want to enhance the ambience of your home walls, this beautiful tribal Kilim is perfect as a wall rug. Transform the style of your living room with this antique looking tribal Kilim wall rug. This versatile piece of art is not just a conventional carpet laid on the floor, but can also serve as a stunning wall decoration. The tribal Kilim wall rug is a hand-woven treasure, decorated with nomadic patterns that are guaranteed to captivate the eye. The geometric motifs and enchanting animal patterns carry deep traces of cultural heritage. Precisely crafted, the tribal Kilim wall rug is a true testament to the talent of nomadic craftsmen. It can become the centrepiece of any room. Its timeless beauty and charming elegance will enhance the ambience of your living space. Let the Nomad Kilim wall rug fill your living room walls with warmth, style and a touch of nomadic charm. The look of this rug will make a lasting impression on all who enter your home.


Tribal rug cleaning

Cleaning a Kilim tribal rug is not a difficult task. Small stains can be easily removed with a slightly damp cloth or a commercially available carpet cleaner suitable for cleaning wool. However, if the stain is heavy, we recommend you to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. Tribal Kilim carpet should be cleaned on the lowest setting of the vacuum cleaner. Tribal Kilim carpet does not retain dust. It is a centuries-old tradition to hang Kilim carpet and beat it with a dedusting stick, but this is actually not recommended because it can damage the weave of the Kilim. Watch out for moths even if you use your nomadic kilim as a wall carpet, because they can damage it.

If you would like to revive the atmosphere and charm of the Afghan tribal Kilim rug in your home, feel free to order it from our rug store. If it's not what you are looking for, take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee and free returns.

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