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Multicoloured Carpets

View our colourful carpets and order online from our carpet store. Don't worry, if your carpet doesn't fit your room, Carpetdepo will take care of the return shipment, which is of course free of charge.

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Shawal coloured carpet

One of the most sought after Persian rug categories is the multi coloured Shawal rug. The Shawal coloured rug mixes the modern age with old classic motifs. It also looks great in modern homes where minimal style is paired with elegance. If you are looking for a hand-knotted, colourful rug for your living room and prefer quality and prestige, we recommend the multicoloured Shawal Oriental rug. Every step of the rug making process is done by hand, so it is 100% hand-knotted. Shawal coloured carpets are tirelessly knotted by professionals over a long period of time. A Shawal multicoloured rug fills your room with warmth and colour, but does not necessarily create a classic style atmosphere. The Shawal coloured rug could be the perfect choice for you if you want to modernise and brighten up the atmosphere of your living room. This colourful rug not only adds warmth and colour to your room, but also allows you to keep a modern feel. With proper care, the Shawal multi coloured rug can be with you for life. If you want a unique hand-knotted multi colour rug that will fill your living room with elegance and luxury, the Shawal Colourful Rug is the perfect choice.

Colourful carpet for living room

Kazak colourful carpet

The Kazak colourful rug is especially popular for its playful colours. It will brighten up any room with its colours. A multi coloured rug that will match any furniture or curtains. Made with Gheordes technique, which means double knotting, thinly sheared and 100% hand-knotted, this colourful rug is a perfect match for any interior. Its colouring is made from plants found in nature. As with all Persian rugs, these can be vacuumed immediately, but only in the direction of the fibre and on the lowest setting of the vacuum cleaner. The colours of the Kazak rug make it an ideal choice for minimalist rooms or classic living rooms. These colourful rugs are status symbols. As a luxury rug, the multi coloured Kazak rug is a way to express your individual style and elegance while creating a special atmosphere in your home.

coloured carpets

Aikat coloured carpet with modern pattern

Aikat coloured carpet is a prominent element of modern interior design, with an exciting and eye-catching look that perfectly complements the modern minimalist style. As well as being a modern coloured rug, Aikat can also add a touch of class to your living room. One of the most outstanding multi coloured hand-knotted rugs on the market. This type of colourful carpet is made by Afghan artisans in the northern part of Afghanistan or in the Afghan-inhabited areas of Pakistan. The Aikat coloured carpet has a geometric pattern that complements the minimalist design aesthetic. The dyeing is made from materials harvested from nature. It is made from high-quality Afghan wool and double knotting (Gheordes) technique, which results in a truly durable rug. The result is an enchanting, cheerful array of colours that is sure to capture the hearts of customers hungry for a visual experience. Aikat colourful carpets have many uses in modern interior design. Multicoloured carpets look very good in minimalist homes. It is very common to use the carpet as a focal point in the living room, beautifying and enlivening the room. However, it also looks very good in the bedroom, providing stunningly beautiful decor and a modern feel.

multi coloured carpets

Knowledge of oriental multi coloured carpets

Not everyone can appreciate a beautiful painting or sculpture. It takes intelligence and age. Persian rugs are all works of art with a history. The colourful carpet you choose also has a story. Creating a multi coloured hand knotted rug is an art. It goes through many processes until it is finished. Designing the pattern on millimeter paper, dyeing the wool yarns with dyes taken from nature. Crafting the loom to the right size, starting the knotting, which is a long and tedious process depending on the size. When the rug is finished, take it off the loom and cut it to the right thickness with scissors. Then wash four times on stone to prevent the colour bleeding. After washing, leave to dry in the hot Afghan sun. Finally, which is the dealer's job, to sell the beautiful coloured carpet to a buyer who appreciates all these things. A buyer who will be proud to tell his friends about what is described here and point to the multi coloured wool carpet in his room. I am sure you will find the colourful carpet that suits your taste. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Find out everything about your carpet, you are not buying it for just a few years. I hope I haven't bored you with my lines, but we carpet dealers always enjoy talking about carpets.

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108product 136
185 € - 4 598 €
Length (cm)
174 - 553
Width (cm)
80 - 424