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Round carpet

If you're looking for a rug with a different shape to make your living room unique, take a look at our range of round carpets. Order now and you have 30 days to decide if it's right for your room.

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Round carpets create a unique atmosphere in your home

Our round carpet category features the most beautiful pieces of oriental rugs. With their unique shapes they will give your home a unique atmosphere. A unconventional living room rug that breaks the rules. In the bedroom, next to the bed or in front of it, it will make your room cosy. Some shapes even find a place in the hallway. You will find machine made and handmade circle rugs in our collection, so you can choose from premium category to affordable price round carpets according to your needs. Our round carpets are typically made from wool or cotton. Pieces in the more affordable price range are made of acrylic, which has similar properties to wool. All of our products in our carpet webshop are in stock, so delivery can be made within days, you don't have to wait weeks for the goods to be delivered.

round carpet

Round carpet in handmade and machine made version

Round carpet is a special form of carpet that can be handmade or machine made. The circle rug is becoming increasingly popular in homes as it is an excellent way to expand the sense of space and complement the design. Because of their circular shape, round rugs allow you to highlight any point in the space, for example under the coffee table, which can be the focal point of the living room, or the centrepiece of the bedroom. Choosing a circle rug allows interior designers to offer accessories that differ from standard rectangular rugs, allowing them to create a unique and exciting interior. In the case of handmade round carpet, the handwork and the use of natural materials ensure high quality. The beautiful patterns and colours of the round carpet are handmade, making them unique pieces that will decorate your home with their uniqueness and value. Machine made round carpets are generally cheaper than handmade and can be mass produced, but they are also available in a wide range, making it easy to find the most suitable design and size. Persian round carpet made of acrylic will not disappoint customers because it represents true quality. It adds elegance and style to any home. The acrylic round rug is machine made in Iran and contains one million machine knots, meaning it stands out from standard machine made carpets. The round carpet made of acrylic material is easy to clean and maintain, so it is an excellent choice for decorating your living room or bedroom. It features the traditional Iranian motifs of the Persian rug.

cirlce rug

Circle rug is a practical and decorative addition to your home

Using a circle rug can be a unique and stylish solution for any room. The circular shape is a pleasant break from the usual rectangular room design. It adds uniqueness and individuality to the living room. The circular rug is available in a variety of styles and patterns, making it easy to match any interior design style. Their circular shape gives the space a lighter, more elegant feel. A circle rug has multiple functions, a larger circle rug makes a great focal point in the living room or hallway. While the smaller circle rug can be ideal for a bedroom around the bed, further adding to the comfort. Choosing a circular rug has a number of benefits, not only is it a stylish option, but it allows you to optimise space and adds an extra design element to the room.


Choose from our round carpet category. Order online from the CarpetDepo carpet store range. As all our circle rugs are in our own warehouse, we guarantee fast delivery to your address. If it doesn't match your space, we will arrange the return delivery, which is free of charge to you.

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74 - 313
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73 - 310
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