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Runner carpets

If you're looking for a runner carpet for your living room or corridor, take a look at our range of carpet store. A wide collection of runner rugs, from warehouse, with fast delivery. Don't worry if you don't like the carpet you ordered, CarpetDepo will arrange free return delivery.


What is a runner carpet?

In many family houses, and even in flats, the long narrow spaces are common; hallways, corridors, kitchens. Runner carpets are used for aesthetic decoration of these rooms. Their shape is usually elongated and their width is relatively narrow, making them easy to lay in narrow spaces. Hand-knotted oriental runner carpet or Kilim runner carpet are available in all colours and patterns on the CarpetDepo carpet store website, so you can choose from hundreds of runner carpets with a delivery time of a few days. Beyond making your space look beautiful and special, when walking barefoot or in socks will help you maintain the right heat sensation and prevent your children from getting cold. The design and material of the runner carpets make them extremely pleasant to touch and hard-wearing. You can not only lay the runner rug in a corridor, but also place it as an additional rug next to the central large living room rug. The longer a runner carpet is, the wider it is. This is rather true for the oriental carpet. Whatever length of runner carpet you are looking for, you can find it in the CarpetDepo carpet store's warehouse, up to 10m long. With a variety of colours and patterns. You can find the right oriental rug for any style of room, whether classic or modern

runner carpet from Pakistan

The care of a runner carpet

Cleaning a runner carpet is easy and requires no special skills. A slightly damp cloth will remove most dirt. It is easy to vacuum wool runner carpets. However, always use the lowest setting on the vacuum cleaner. For cleaning heavier stains or for a one-off big clean, we recommend contacting a carpet cleaning company. We do not recommend it for rooms where it is often exposed to moisture, which can make the carpet material wavy. We also recommend it for underfloor heating, but in such cases it is a good idea to move the carpet occasionally or vacuum under the carpet every few weeks to prevent moths from breeding under the runner carpet. Their length and width vary widely, so you can find the right size for your home. Order the runner carpet of your choice, and if it doesn't match your room, our carpet store will take care of the return delivery.

Runner carpet for the decoration of corridors

A runner carpet is an elegant and stylish accessory that you can use in your corridor or even in your living room as an addition to your central carpet. Runner rugs are all hand knotted or hand woven. They are made using quality wools that guarantee a long lifetime and aesthetic appearance. When choosing a runner carpet, it is important to consider the style and colour scheme of the room, as this will determine what type of runner carpet will best match your corridor or living room. The wide range of lengths available means that everyone can find the right size for their corridor. Thanks to hand knotting, the quality of the runner carpet is outstanding and the meticulous attention to detail ensures its durability and longevity. And the quality of the materials ensures that the carpet is easy to clean and maintain. A runner carpet can be an addition to a hallway or living room, not only because it is stylish, but also because it is useful. It provides a pleasant feel for the feet. Most of the carpets are made of 100% wool. The runner carpets can even be used as a complement to the living room carpet. The choice of colours and patterns can be adapted to the interior so that the runner carpet harmonises even more with its surroundings. Hand-knotted rugs are versatile, practical and are not only perfect for the corridor but also for the living room. After choosing the right size and style, a well-chosen runner carpet can help make your corridor more comfortable and beautiful.

runner carpet

The origin country of the runner carpets

Runner carpet from Pakistan is renowned for its high quality and beautiful designs. Pakistani runner carpets are all hand-knotted carpets, and the manufacturing process places great emphasis on the quality of the wool and the meticulously crafted designs. The most common colours of Pakistani runner carpets are burgundy, red and beige. Afghan runner carpets are usually large in size and use very strong colours. Afghan runner carpets are often decorated with geometric or floral patterns and are also hand-knotted carpets. Afghan rugs will last for many decades if cared for properly. The runner carpet made in Iran - Persian carpet - is one of the best known quality carpets. Iranian runner carpets have particularly beautiful patterns and shades, which are also hand-knotted. Iranian runner carpets are usually made of wool or cotton materials.

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309product 136
24 € - 3 904 €
Length (cm)
94 - 977
Width (cm)
47 - 203