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Patchwork Carpet

06/07/2020 14:27
Patchwork Carpet

Patchwork rug: a path from tradition to modernity

The tradition of carpet-making is inseparable from Eastern cultural history: its roots can be traced back to the nomadic way of life. The appearance of the European, settled lifestyle and seating furniture was not conducive to the development of folk tradition here, as initially, it was all about creating the living conditions. The carpet was not a necessity, but rather a relic, a status symbol, indicating social rank and nobility.

For the Eastern nomads, however, it was an extremely versatile means of use and was one of the keys to their survival. They sat, prayed over it, covered it, hung it at the entrance of their tents, defending themselves from the vicissitudes of the weather. The landscape and climatic conditions have also created favourable conditions for the spread of the tradition. In the countryside covered by high mountains and plateaus, the main activity was animal husbandry, which was a constant source of raw material and wool for carpet makers.

Over time, the need for carpet makers to show the diversity of their culture, weave their stories, motifs and dreams, and knot them into wool, so that in addition to their nature of use, artistic value also gained space. Due to the endless variations in colours and patterns, carpet types that can be linked to different geographical areas have emerged. Since then, the rich and thousand-coloured world of oriental rugs has garnered a crowded fan base and has also caught the attention of renowned Eastern scholars.

Time travel with Persian carpet

Patchwork is one of the most popular types that has found its place in modern home culture. The rugs are made by a special process, in fact by recycling several old Persian rugs. Used carpets are sanded, repainted and then cut into pieces. Finally, skilled designers put together the best pieces of carpet to create gorgeous patchwork patterns.

Each Patchwork rug is a real historical masterpiece, as it is not uncommon for pieces of the rug to have imprints of different ages. This also means that each patchwork has a unique story: on each rug, the time planes are arranged differently and lead to the density of historical eras.

Patchwork rugs are an extremely exciting addition to your home, as in addition to being aesthetic, we feel like a slice of history and tradition is moving within the walls of our modern home.