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It must be very expensive !!!

07/07/2020 12:08
It must be very expensive !!!

A dear customer of ours remarked - but we all know what happens when we see a beautiful Persian carpet - that it "must be a very expensive carpet".

One of our dear customers remarked - but we know it occurs to everyone when they see a beautiful Persian carpet - that it "must be a very expensive carpet". In today's economic climate it is important to think of everyone. In any business, unfortunately, quality is price dependent. So if we want a good quality durable product, we have to dig deep into our pockets. If, on the other hand, we are on a tight budget, we have to make do with poorer quality products, which have the disadvantage that they break quickly and we can buy new ones. At Carpetdepo, we think differently. In addition to our hand-knotted carpets, we also sell high quality and wool effect machine-made Persian carpets, whose fibres are made from polyester/polypropylene, and our premium machine-made Persian carpets are made from acrylic fibres. Persian machine-made carpets made from acrylic fibres have similar properties to those of carpets made from wool.

Some of its properties are sunlight-weather resistant; flame resistant; moth proof; easy to wash; non-shedding...

These Persian carpets are sold at prices that are affordable for everyone.

We represent quality at all prices.

Our 28 year old company is a guarantee of the quality carpet.