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The importance of carpet and trends for 2022

27/02/2022 13:22

The importance of carpet and trends for 2022

The importance of carpet and trends for 2022

 Carpet is a fantastic way to bring colour or unique patterns into your home. From bright and bold mixes of contrasting colours to fiery red tones, geometries and intricate patterns, the 2022 trend sees self-expression as key. At the other end of the scale, the organic natural trend is prevalent, bringing a calming sense of calm to monotonous interiors.

 How to choose a carpet?

 When choosing a carpet, it is crucial to put the intended use of the room first. What feeling do you want to create? How will the room be used? Is the space a reception area? Or a room that will create a calm and relaxed feeling? Asking these questions when choosing a carpet will bring you closer to a decision.

 The mood of the room is an important and very personal choice. Some people want to retreat to a calming, relaxing bedroom, while others prefer a boudoir atmosphere. For a relaxing room, consider neutral rugs.

 The return of patterned carpets

 Until recently, carpets were plain and neutral and only for the bedroom, but now patterned pieces are back in the spotlight and 'moving in' to both the living room and dining room. In the right hands, patterned designs can almost bring a work of art into a room and add a strong design tone. "Think of the floor as the main canvas of the room," says Lorna Haigh of Alternative Flooring.

 So upholstery is making a welcome return in 2022. Whatever area you're decorating, it's worth focusing on the floor. In the living room, it will not only cover the floor, but can also be used as a starting point for building a decorating plan. It's well worth the investment, and our feet will thank you for it during the cold winter months.

 A floor mat can create a sense of luxury; a small repeating pattern can set the mood of a room and add interest without taking over, while bolder ones add dimension and focus.

 For upholstery, the 3D effect is helped by the different lengths of threads that can occur in different colours and fabrics on the carpet. As well as looking good, it's also practical. In most cases, fringes can decorate these furniture accessories.

 All in all, if you want to brighten up your home or a particular interior, buy a carpet that you like, so that you can add a special touch to your home as well as a unique look.

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