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The runner carpet is the ideal choice

03/03/2022 19:44

The runner carpet is the ideal choice for all rooms in your home

The runner carpet is the ideal choice for all rooms in your home

Many people think that unique, beautiful carpets are the prerogative of spacious rooms, but perfectly crafted runner carpets with oriental patterns also look great in smaller rooms or hallways. Read on, and together we'll help you find the upholstery that best suits your home and your individual needs.

Custom runner carpets for the bedroom - small spaces are no barrier

Kelim carpets can also be the perfect addition to smaller bedrooms: they don't require a lot of space to fit, they fit in a basically confined space, and they create an intimate atmosphere for relaxing.

For rugs, the width should be chosen to leave 10-20 cm free from the wall (or cupboard). This is mainly for aesthetic reasons.

The inimitable, unique and quality of hand-woven Chobi Kelim carpets is one of the most popular classic Asian products, apart from knotted Persian carpets, and for good reason: apart from the special decorations and bright colours, its main attraction lies in its solid weave and heavy workmanship. This makes it durable over the long term.

Suggestion: runner carpets can not only be elegant on the floor, but can also be used as tapestries, creating a magical oriental atmosphere. You can choose from a wide range of products, some of them with unique discounts.

Let's decorate your hallways or entrance halls with runner carpets!

It's worth bearing in mind that handmade carpets are in most cases an essential accessory for hallways or entrance halls, as they can be used to "furnish" any small area. For living rooms, we recommend them mainly for smaller rooms, where they can be used to visually "stretch" the available space, for example by buying wool fabrics with a classic pattern, which represents excellent value for money. In addition, it can become a practical addition to your home in the future.

To sum up the above, we hope that we have managed to give you some creative ideas when it comes to choosing a carpet. If you have enough time, please take a few minutes to browse our unrivalled selection of runner carpets, where you will find classic pieces as well as modern styles.

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