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Carpets in sizes around 200 x 300

Looking for a rug for your living room in around 200 x 300? Have a look at our collection and choose the carpet that you like. Order online and Carpetdepo will deliver to your address free of charge. If the carpet is not matching, we will arrange the return delivery.

200x300 carpet for different living room styles

In this category, we try to help our dear visitors who know the size of the room but don't have an exact idea of the carpet. You know you need a 200 x 300 rug, but you still have many questions. First of all, the price of the carpet. In this category you can find cheap 200x300 carpet made of polyester. We have collected a lot of 200x300 Kilim rugs, which are also available at affordable prices. If you are looking for a 200x300 Persian carpet, we recommend you to take a look at our carpets made of acrylic. Quality meets affordable prices. Of course, if you are looking for durability with exclusivity, take a look at our handmade oriental carpets made of wool.

200x300 modern and classic carpet

Our Turkish machine made carpets in 200x300 size, available for every budget. Modern carpets for minimalist living rooms. Our 200x300 classic carpets exude elegance for any living room with beautiful Persian patterns.  Country of origin Turkey.

200x300 Persian carpet at affordable prices

We offer 200x300 Persian rugs in beautiful colours and designs. Its material is acrylic, which is very similar to wool, but its advantage is that moths do not damage it. The Persian rug will brighten up your living room, giving it an exclusive look. It feels good to walk barefoot on it. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Country of origin is Iran

200x300 kilim by hand weaving

Nowadays, the Kilim rugs do not need to be presented. Our 200x300 Kilims, with its playful colours, will brighten up any living room. Handwoven kilims are made of 100% wool. Country of origin is Afghanistan.

200x300 handmade oriental carpet

Oriental carpets represent the top category. Higher in price, but will accompany you for a lifetime. A 200x300 Oriental rug is made in approximately 6 to 12 months. There is a lot of work involved.

267product 136
267product 136
79 € - 13 348 €
Length (cm)
187 - 323
Width (cm)
148 - 273