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Large carpet

In our large carpet category, you can choose from a variety of products from the different oriental carpet making countries. Choose from our stock for larger living rooms, hallways, lounges or offices!


Large carpet selection!


In the category of large rugs we have selected different oriental rug styles, with different designs and colours, but all rugs have in common that they are of high quality, extremely tasteful, resistant and most importantly; hand-knotted with great care and attention. Durable Afghani rugs for the discerning home decor lover, such as Ziegler carpet or Kargai carpet in large sizes. Beautiful Persian rug lovers will also have something to discover if they need a large carpet. We also offer two categories of handwoven carpets, the large Kilim and the rag rug.  In addition to handwoven carpets, you can also find large machine-made carpets made of polyester, which we offer not only for homes but also for offices or hotels.  Acrylic Persian carpet for those who love the quality. They have similar properties to wool carpets.





Before buying a large wool carpet!


As large wool carpets weigh very heavily, at a minimum 3kg / square metre, it is worth considering your purchase well. Smaller carpets are easier to put down in the room than large carpets. There is a lot more furniture to move and the weight of the carpet is not light. The carpet needs to match the whole room. Our Hungarian customers should visit our Budapest wholesale carpet warehouse in person to see the carpet up close. We always try to make the most lifelike photo of the carpet as possible. From European countries, you should ask us for more photos before buying to be sure of the colour of the carpet.


How do I care for a large carpet?


The large carpets will certainly have furniture on them. Take care not to put furniture on the carpet that has thin or sharp soles, especially if the furniture is heavy, because it can puncture the carpet. We recommend a professional carpet cleaner for cleaning our carpets, even though they are durable, do not lose their colour and don't fade. Of course, you don't need to send your carpets to a carpet cleaner immediately, only for bigger stains. You can clean a lot of dirt yourself. For simple granular dirt and dust, vacuuming is the perfect solution, so it can be done at home.





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1 442 € - 20 335 €
Length (cm)
248 - 553
Width (cm)
236 - 424